Brain Dump- Comparing the best

Can someone share their braindumps that they practiced in the 15 min before the exam?

I read some folks doing ITTO and some formula in that time. Maybe those who sat for their PMP can guide us which KA is best to put on the dump sheet.

Please help.


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I have prepared my own Study Material with key feature of brain dump...

Pls give your Email ID, I will forward it to you. It may be helpful for you. But you prepare yours.

I have taken printouts on A4 and gone through those where ever I go (even in latrine ) and before entering the exam room.

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I plan to take the test shortly.
Appreciate it if you could forward the notes pertaining to
Brain Dump



Hi Dear,

I am appearing for PMP on coming saturday, can you mail me the DUMP Sheet you have created for the exam.





I am preparing for my PMP exam and finding it difficult to organize.  It would be very helpful if you could send me the dump sheet.


Thanks so much.


I wish to appear the exam next week. I will be very thankful if you could send me your brain dump and study material copy, my e-mail ID is I have prepared my own study notes but your help would be of great value.

Thanking you in anticipation,

K A Banerji


Kindly forward me the brain dump. My mail Id :



Sai M

Hi can you please kindly forward your brain dump?





Could you please send me your study material. My email address is



Please send me a copy at




I am planning to attend PMP exam next week. Can you please send me your notes? That will be great.

Thanks in advance



Hello, and thank you for offering to send a copy of the brain dump.


Can you please send me a copy on ?



Dear Friend, I heard about your great effort in preparing the study material, I would be thanks full, if could share with me your "study material"

MY Email ID:

Thanks and best regards,



I am planning to do my PMP. I have the PMBOK and the Rita books. I have started reading through the PMBOK. Was wondering if you could in a nut shell tell me your study plan.

If you share your brian dump and some important materials, which would be helpful to me.


Deepak Ahuja


Hi Chowdary,

Could you please send me the study material preapared by you to my e-mail id: and

I am planning to take the exam by March'11 end. Not finding much time to prepare.

Also please let me know, is it essential to revise PMBOK also.



Grateful, if you could send your notes & Dupm sheets.

Hi my email id is . I require study material.


Tx in advance


Please send me the brain dumps to Thanks in advance


Hello:  May I request a copy of your brain dump sheet for my review before taking the PMP exam in April?  Are your notes pursuant to the 4th Ed? 

My name is Rosemary and my e-mail is

Thanks for your true dedication !!!


Hi Chowdary,

Could you pls send me the the study material including brain dump. thanks


I read your post. please send me your braing dump notes as that will help compare them against mine and see what I may be missing.




Hello please send me the brain dump at 

Hi Chowdary,

I wrote the exam and this is my second time. Each time that I have writtten this exam I have come so close but have been unsuccessful. So can you please send me the dump that you have prepared? My email address is

Many Thanks,


Hi Choudary,

Can you please send me your material,


Please, and thanks

Please send me your brain dump to

Thank You

 Hi Chowdary:
I would appreciate the brain dump /the study material.


I plan to study this weekend and take the test on 8th July.


Apprecite if you can send it asap.




 Pl send it to me at

Thanks very much

 Can you please share me your brain dump to email id I have scheduled my PMP exam on 25th July.



Thanks very much for your sharing. Would you mind to send me some notes.

Dear Sir please share yourPMP material & Notes immediately at

I am appearing on 2 Auguest 2011. Please help me

With regards


Arvind Bhisikar 

 Please send me the notes at

Thanks in advance


Can you please send me as well

Please send me the notes at

Thanks in advance

Subir Dey



Please mail me the brain dumps which you had prepared for passing the exam on



Hemant Virkar



Could you please email me the study material to my mail

Thanks a lot.




Please send me your prep doc.


Thanks & Best regards



I have scheduled my PMP exam on 22nd of August; could you please send me your valueable Brain Dump sheet

E-mail -






Please forward me your brain dump on

I have enrolled for exams in August and the count down has already begun. Have prepared some of my notes however your brain dump will add value to my preparation and will be greateful if you share it at the earliest.






Can you please send me the copy, my email address:




Please send it to

Thank you 


Kindly forward me the brain dump. My mail Id :


Hi, I will be apprearing for the exam on 9th August, Appreciate if you send me study material on my email address -

pls send me your brain dump ( I have created my own but I would love to see what I am missing...Thank you!

  HI..can you please forward the same at shall be obliged. 


I have already failed twice for the PMP exam. Please provide me the brain dump sheet to prepare for the coming exam. Email : Thanks!