Practical Project Management Articles and Tips.

Hiring is two way street - Does the employee want to hire you ?

We were executing a project for one of our esteemed clients. This project was to be done in one of the niche skills, which our organization did not have. The project was related to a document management system, but most part of the product we were using had to be customized.

Toyota Production System ANDON to improve project's performance.

TPS (Toyota Production System) concepts are time tested and known to bring benefits in automotive industry. Imagine how you can benefit from this concept being applied to IT industry. In one of our accounts we implemented the Toyota Production system and had huge benefits. I am sharing the experience herewith. 

Does Project manager have to be Technical ?

In one of my projects I had a team of 11 people who were working on different aspects of the application, database, User interface, Middleware etc.  It was a new project for new client and I was working with a top IT company as Project manager. Our scope of work included Support and Enhancements of the exisiting applications.

Managing large team at multiple locations

Practical Scenario - As a project manager , you manage a project that is being executed from two different offshore locations. You are leading a large team and estimated time to complete the project is 10 months. Thankfully 50% of the project team works from the same location as yours. During project initiation phase both locations were given resources with relevant experience and expertise.

Now 8 weeks have elapsed in the project. During the status meeting you realize that the two locations seems to be working in silos and conflict is emarging. You get uncomfortable as the team has not settled down and is not performing at its peak efficiency. Your key job is now to ensure that the whole project team starts performing to the peak of its efficiency. How do you ensure this. ?

100+ Project management articles which are Unique and Worth Reading

A collection of some "REALLY UNIQUE" Project management articles from around the web to help you become a better project manager. Whether you are a new or experienced PM you are sure to find this collection interesting. Hand picked articles on variety of topics to give you the best learning experience.  This page will keep updating on regular basis to provide articles. So you can book-mark this page. 


Scope changes - towards the end of the project.

As a project manager handling development project, sooner or later you will have to handle this situation. Changes to requirements will come very late in the project. You will be asked to make some minor changes to your code, change some User Interface. Each change will seem minor and not significant impact to schedule or cost.

Change Management - Tips

Change management (or Organizational change management) is a structured Approach to change organization or individuals from current state to desired state while ensuring smooth and efficient transition with minor or seamless impact to business.  

Succeeding as New Project Manager - Leadership

As a project manager you may or may not have any leadership qualities.  From the project perspective it would be fine if you are able to deliver the project successfully. However in real world the team members look up to the manager as a leader. This puts onus on you to be a leader as well as a manager.   

So what is the difference between the two? 

Stakeholder Management - Have Intimacy with your Key stakeholders

Stakeholder relationship is very crucial in getting the work done and avoiding conflicts. Having good and deep relations with your key stakeholders will determine the success of your project. If you have excellent relationship with your stakeholders, I will call the relation "Intimate" where there is good trust between the two parties and work gets done effectively.