Exam Details and Study Tips

See the attached StudyPlan.MPP, for approximate Study Scheduling. This file can be opened using MS Project.

Exam Details:

PMP Exam has200 Multiple Choice Questions, which must be answered within 4 hours. These questions are randomly generated from a question database which has several hundred questions. There is No Negative Marking. All Questions are Multiple Select Questions
i.e. the examinee must choose one from the available four alternatives.
The exam is online but a blank sheets of paper are provided.

25 out of 200 questions not be used for scoring
(Dummy questions) . Candidates will not know which ones are dummy when
taking the exam - implies that candidate has to answer 200 questions to
the best of their ability.

To pass the PMP Exam, the candidate must answer 106 out of 175 questions correctly (i.e. pass percentage is 60.6%).


Make a start:

  • Master PMBOK-PMBOK is official study guide and several questions
    are based on PMPBOK. Understand the PMBOK thoroughly. There may be
    discrepancies between terms and concepts in PMBOK  & what is used
    in your organization. Please realize that for the PMP Certification
    Exam, it is important for you to relate to terms and concepts as in
    PMBOK - Every term and every page of PMBOK should be well read and
    thoroughly understood.
  • We Recommed the following method to read PMBOK 
    • Glance through PMBOK first to just get a feel or high level view once.
    • In next reading understanding all the processes, interactions, and all the terms and concepts. Make notes that suit you.
    • Refer the notes and keep revising it till you feel comfortable.
    • You dont have to memorize PMBOK.  Try to relate the terms ,
      theories and concepts with your experience or with examples. The terms
      in PMBOK are inter-related to each other and everything can be mapped
      to real-life examples.

    Once you have completed reading PMBOK:

    • Check for materials on this site or elsewhere to step further into the topics you have doubts.
    • Take tests chapter wise for each chapter. then move to next chapter.
    • Take overall simulated test to know how close you are

    Study Tips:

    ƒ     Engage while you are learning: -

    ƒ     Make notes, Summaries & highlight with colors.

    ƒ     Try to visualize & draw mental picture.

    ƒ     Use memory association tricks

    ƒ    Make a study schedule. Include time to take practice test each day, even if it is few questions a day.

    ƒ     Review & revise things you learnt previous day , before
    you start next topic, and do little everyday. Next day review two days
    topics and then start.

    ƒ     Review the definitions in the glossary of the PMBOK

    ƒ     If you are bored, take breaks, it really helps. Review & revise after break.

    ƒ     Learning Maps - draw your own pictures for each knowledge
    area.  You are required to remember lot of stuff, so organize in a
    format that is best for you.  Use colors, shapes, accessories that will
    help you recall things easily.


    Tips for taking tests

    ƒ     Take the tutorial on  computer test (even if you don't need it). You don’t want silly mistakes in exam.

    ƒ     Understand Navigation, marking items and go back to specific items

    use the rest of the time allowed (there is a clock in the upper right
    corner of the screen) to write down key formulas or other summary
    notes, phrases, and pictures you have memorized.

    ƒ     Mark any question you are not reasonably sure of, so you can review later

    Skip any questions that will take "a while" to figure out  or
    understand - you want to answer all the questions you know first, then
    go back and spend time on more complex questions

    ƒ     Read all questions at least twice before answering

    ƒ     look for words like "NOT" or "ALWAYS"

    ƒ     Read all answers, even if you see a correct answer

    ƒ     there may be a "more" correct answers

    ƒ     Be calm & positive, Say to yourself, I will pass this test.


    How to  find StudyPlan.MPP? I can't find this attach file.

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     how can I get the attached StudyPlan.MPP.


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    Could you please  tell me where i can find this file?

     I can't find the StudyPlan.MPP  Kindly provide.

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     How to find the StudyPlan.MPP. Cant locate it in the site