Where can I find Study materials ? What preparations are needed ?

There is overwhelming amount of information and study
materials available for PMP. If you search on internet its very easy to
get confused and lose focus. However PMP certification does not need
many books. For a vast majority of people the following Study materials are enough and should be enough for you too. We are assuming that you are already doing Project management in your current role to meet the PMP Eligibility

  1. The first thing you would need is A Guide to the
    Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) printed in 2004,
    3rd edition. The cost of PMBOK® is $ 35.95 and it is available in leading bookstores and on Amazon.com (10.78% discount i.e it costs $ 25.17) and may qualify for Free Shipping. You can also get the FREE PDF file from your education provider where you will take the 35 PDU Course
  2. The 35 hrs education you take from any institute will provide you will some notes, tips etc.
  3. Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep. This book will clear your concepts and will give you a good start. This book has lots of tips and tricks for PMP. The questions at the end of each chapter are also very good. A must have for PMP.
  4. After you have read PMBOK and Rita's book 2-4 times its time to take Mock / Sample exams .
    1. You can buy Rita Mulcahy's PMFastrack. This would be enough questions for you to clear PMP.
    2. Check the Free PMP Exams here. PMStudy is very good indicator of what you will get in final exam. Try to solve 4 tests on PMStudy.
    3. To prepare you for Tough questions. Take PM Zilla's Free PMP Tests

If you do 2nd and 3rd step above then you do NOT need Rita's PM FASTRACK.

  • Materials on this website can help you clear up some of your doubts for difficuilt questions. We recommend you go through the PMP Study Materials Sections on this page


If you have 2 weeks full time then you can complete PMP
certification. For more relaxed schedule it can take anywhere from 1
month to 1 year. Generally average people say 18 weeks schedule is
feasible considering you have to work and study.

The key is to get started right away.
Don't get caught up in analysis paralysis. Just start with first
chapter of PMBOK and then u will start understanding things better.

Before the exam, make sure that you have completed test simulations and have comfortably passed all the test simulations.


Join a PMP Study Group:

Actively participate in a forum of
like-minded people ( Like on PM Zilla). This will help you to review
the PMBOK theory, get clarifications and validations on concepts
difficuilt to understand. Since people on the group come from different
organizations, it will help you understand real-time examples of
concepts. Study groups will also help you to collect your PDUs after
you have cleared PMP.

The best options is to have physical study group of people that meet once or twice a week to discuss about PMP contact your local PMI Chapter for more details.

If physical group is not possible the next best answer is Online. Joining these forums and going to through their postings at least once every day is highly recommended.

You reputation & success of Online forum is dependent
on your participation. Just like you want others to answer your
questions, make sure you help others. Unlike money knowledge grows when giving.