Recertification and Continued Education

As with many other credentialed professionals, a PMP® must commit to
ongoing professional development and continuing education to maintain
the credential. PMI’s Continuing Certification Program ensures that
PMPs adhere to this standard by requiring PMPs to obtain a minimum of
sixty (60) Professional Development Units (PDUs) every
three years. The initial three-year clock starts running on the date of
certification and ends on December 31 of the third year.


PDUs may be obtained through formal education,
self-directed learning, REP educational programs, or
community/professional service. Many local PMI Chapters are now
qualified as REPs and issue PDUs for attending the after-dinner
education program at monthly meetings. A PMP® can obtain half their
Continuing Certification PDUs by simply attending their monthly Chapter
meetings. All of the detailed specifics and documentation forms may be
reviewed or downloaded from PMI Website


As you will learn, the PMP® Certification Process is an
extremely demanding experience. You will not want to go through the
exam ordeal again. It’s best to simply plan upfront to maintain your
certification by accumulating PDUs. PMI charges a recertification fee
of $60 (US) for PMI members, $150 (US) for non-PMI members.