PMBOK Fourth Edition and difference with Third Edition

4th Edition of PMBOK was released this year. There are many terminologies that were renamed as a part of this edition. Eg.

  1. “Develop Project Scope Statement (Preliminary)” replaced by “Identify Stakeholders”

  2. “Scope Planning” has been revised as “Collect Requirements”

  3. “Plan” and “Purchase” processes in procurement management have also been combined into one process, “Plan Procurement”

  4. “Request Seller Responses” and “Seller Selection” have been combined into “Conduct Procurement”

  5. “Program Management”, has been added to the project management lifecycle, and the definition of “stakeholders” within “program management” has been expanded from the sponsor, customer, client, to, the PMO, Portfolio Steering Committee and portfolio manager

  6. As for the three types of improvement actions (“corrective actions”, “preventive actions” and “defect repair”) were all put into the process of “change request”




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Can someone write about PMBOK Fifth Edition and difference with Fourth Edition

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The new fifth edition not only increases the net number of processes, but expands the number of knowledge areas from the nine we have known since the first edition of the PMBOK Guide. The tenth and newest knowledge area is Project Stakeholder Management.

Actual additions to the PMBOK Guide

Fifth Edition are fairly limited, with only five new processes and one knowledge area added. The new processes include:
  • Plan Scope Management – The process of creating a scope management plan that documents how the project scope will be defined, validated, and controlled. [PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition Pre-Release Version October 10, 2012, page 108.]
  • Plan Schedule Management – The process of establishing policies, procedures, and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing, and controlling the project schedule. [PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition Pre-ReleaseVersion October 10, 2012, page 140.]
  • Plan Cost Management – The process that establishes policies, procedures, and documentation for planning, managing, expending, and controlling project costs. [PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition PreReleaseVersion October 10, 2012, page 180.]
  • Plan Stakeholder Management – The process of developing appropriate management strategies to effectively engage stakeholders throughout the project life cycle, based on the analysis of their needs, interests, and potential impact on project success. [PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition Pre-Release Version October 10, 2012, page 331.]
  • Control Stakeholders Engagement – The process of monitoring overall project stakeholder relationships and adjusting strategies and plans for engaging stakeholders. [PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition Pre-Release Version October 10, 2012, page 331.]
The new knowledge area (for a new total of 10 knowledge areas) in the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition is Project Stakeholder Management. This knowledge area is comprised of four processes, two that have been moved from the old Project Communications Management knowledge area, and two that are new in the fifth edition. The PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition describes Project Stakeholder Management as:
“The processes required to identify the people, groups, or organizations that could impact or 
be impacted by the project, to analyze stakeholder expectations and their impact on the project and to develop appropriate management strategies for effectively engaging stake-holders 
in project decisions and execution. Stakeholder management also focuses on continuous communication with stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, addressing issues as 
they occur, managing conflicting interest and fostering appropriate stakeholder engagement in 
project decisions and activities.” [PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition Pre-ReleaseVersion October 10, 2012, page 331.]
This i got mail from one of the groups associated with new editions.


Fourth edition PMBOK is really very latest edition. This edition is really very fantastic. I wouldl like to say that nice edition. I like it.

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The terminologies on 4th Edition of PMBOK looks complicated but easy to understand. Anyway, this is good information .