12 Reasons to do PMP Certification – Even for pros.

  1. PMP professionals are known to execute projects better than others. Hence it’s a great way to overall improve the success rates of projects in your industry.

2.       If you are a seasoned project management professional , then you mostly are used to doing things in pragmatic way and based on experience – PMBoK and PMI has compiled, standards, techniques, best practices and they keep updating the PMBoK based on current trends. Hence this will keep you upto date.

3.       Even if you are project manager for many years, the certification will formally recognize your professional ability

4.       Reading books like Rita Mulcahy and similar will help you in learning new tricks and techniques to assist you in your project management activities. There are many videos you will watch which will help you give more insights into any knowledge area.

5.       PMP certified professionals have edge over non-certified professionals when hiring.

6.       PMP credential may help your company win business, especially if you are in consulting business.

7.       PMP forums like PMZilla and PMI charters will provide networking opportunities with other PMP professionals and aspirants.

8.       Learning after a long break will open up your mind.

9.       You can even take up teaching profession and take PMP classes for other PMP candidates.

10.   After PMP you can take up other certifications by PMI like PgMP, RMP, SP , ACP etc to further hone your skills.

11.   During recession or in tough job market you may be distinguished over other professionals and may not be fired.

12.   Continuous certification requirements will keep you updated with PM World. You will tend to read industry news, subscribe to publications or attend PMI chapters.