PMP E-Study Groups- Starting soon!

Is anyone interested in starting a study group? Maybe use Skype, etc??

Email: or


I will lead these discussions through Go to are not required to download go to meeting unless you would like to host a meeting yourself.

Thanks and hope to speak with you soon!

i think it is a brilliant idea to setup a study group.  let me know as i am interested.



And so am I.


Warmly, KK....

I am interested in joining a study group.  


Please let me know details once this has been set up.



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 Yes.... why not...

Im on it...

i'm on it 

Where is the moderator for this, Brittan? Lets start as soon as we can.


Warmly, KK....

Yes please...I'm planning to take my test in July so need to get the ball rolling!! LOL

How do we want to do this?

I can get a Skype account. How does that sound?


What days/times work for everyone? And how often?

Which country are you in? I am asking because the timing would be based out of this. I am from Hindustaan (India). First, you can make a group I'd of all the interested PMP-aspirants and then take it from there. Warmly, KK...

I live in the United States

I am interested and look forward to join.

Can everyone get a Skype account?

I just need to know what days/times work for everyone...also how often do you want to meet?

I'm open to meeting often...

Hi Brittano, I feel we have to think in terms of an amicable time for all of us to meet through skype. Let's concentrate on setting the time first, amicably and then let us surge ahead. Warmly, KK...

I agree, I live in the United States, Eastern Time but I'm open to early morning or late night studies to accomodoate those across seas.

I dont know much on Skype but someone told me that first individual ID's need to be configured. Well., if this is the case then my email id is


I feel we should start little early since your exam is approaching fast.


Warmly, KK....

I would like to accomodoate everyone as well...

Here is what I will propose:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 or 7pm EST for 1 hour

I'm not sure what everyone else's time zone is, if you have any objections please let me know soon!

My Skype id: brittann57

KK-I've sent you an invite from Skype...

Thank you

7PM EST would mean 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time. Hope everyone is fine with the time as it will be early morning here and most of us would be scrambling for their respective offices. Please re-think.


Favour needed: Could you please change my email id to


In .com is not very trustworthy. More often than not, it hangs or is non-responsive.


Warmly, KK....

Either way....should be fine with me...I just need a proposed time.



I received the skype request on my gmail id. Thanks.


Brittany, I am fine with any time. Be it morning or evening. Other people would have to decide and then we can reach a consensus.


Warmly, KK...

Let's give everyone by Monday to decide what times work best for them...after that we can get everything set up. Those wanting to join afterwards can still join, but it would be on the days/times that is agreed on.


Sounds Perfect Partner.


Yes, lets decide Monday to be the D-day. I am more concerned about you pal because you are running against time. I have time, however.


Warmly, KK.,..

 7pm ET is 4.30 AM IST.

I belong to ET zone and 7 PM is fine with me. However if we start at 8 PM ET it will be more convenient for everyone as 4.30 AM might be too early for some. People from India can attend it before they leave for work.

Also, please correct me if I am wrong, aren't we supposed to have a premium subscription to skype in order to be able to use conferencing feature. 

Yes, if the day light saving is on then the difference is 2.30 hours else it is 1.30 in non-daylight saving.


So, 7 would be Irkhan, 7-1.30 or 5.30AM. Am I true Irkhaan or am telling the opoosite way around? Kindly guide.


By the way, is the daylight saving going on in US or no? I think it is from October-April, though I want your guidance on this.


Let us also keep this in mind before fixing the time to interact on skype!!!


Warmly, KK....

 Yes, the daylight saving is on ( began SundayMarch 11, 2012,2:00am, and ends SundayNovember 4, 20122:00am)

So, IST is 9.5 hours ahead of ET meaning if you add 2.5 hours to IST and convert the day/night to night/day you will have ET.

Firs thing we got to figure out is whether skype is the right application to do this online study. Anybody had experience doing this? I chat with my parents in India on Skype using Video and its pretty good but when I try to conference with my brothers at the same time in Middle East, it does not work. It tells me I should have a premium subscription in order to use this feature. So, that has been my experience with Skype. Are there other alternates?


Here are the times that I'm available:


Monday: 5am-7am EST or 9pm or later

Tuesday 5am-7am EST or 9pm or later

Wednesday 5am-7am EST or 9pm or later

Thursday 5am-7am EST or 7pm or later

Friday 5am-7am EST or 9pm or later

Saturday open availablity

Sunday open availability


Right now, I've finished reading the PMBOK and Rita's book, I'm just practicing questions, etc.


Hi there,

I'm down for this study group.

I'm writing this test in August and have done PMBOK and Rita as well. You wanna pass me you email or phone so we can chat on this. I don't have a SKype account.


The Skype on my PC is not working. So I think Beataanna, I will have to do alternative analysis. Please suggest. Warmly, KK...

Hey Kranti,

I have the same problem. Not a big fan of Skype.


Hey Sunny,


Plz suggest a way. We must find a workaround to this Sunny. Combined studies, afterall, is a very noble and helpful idea.


Warmly, KK...

What other options do we have beside Skype?


Everyone, my email address is

Are we doing USA morning or evening?

Time to get this going!! :) 

Okay everyone, I've learned that I can use my Go-to-meeting account as the presenter.

I would have to send an invite to everyone, the invite will have a link that you click on when the meeting starts.

Also, there will be a number that you dial into.

I would need everyone's email address to send an invite.


I'm ready to get this going and am planning Friday 5:30am EST to start.....


Please send your email addresses to



I am on it. My email id is Also apprise us/me what time it would be in Indian Standard Time or IST. Warmly, KK...

Hi Birittann: My email ID is What happend to the evening EST, I am in mountain zone so, 5.30 morning EST is morning 3.30!!

We can do evenings....but my evenings would be 9pm EST since my daughter has gymnastics until 8:30.

I'm fine with that though.....Is that okay with everyone else?

9 PM ET is fine with me.

Suits me and 9.30pm EST would be what? Anyone please?

Okay 9pm EST would be 6.30am IST, since the day light saving is on. How do we get going Britt? KK...

Tuesdays: 9pm-10pm EST

We are going to start with this time and see how it goes. Though I have to compromise the time difference for IST, I also have to compromise for the MST and PST.

I will be sending out the invite this weekend.

If you'd like to join, please email me at


Thanks and hope to talk to you soon!

So far; I only have 4 people joining the EStudy group...if you'd like to join please send me your email address as soon as possible.

Email: or


I've created a page not just to prepare for our PMP but to also inspire and help others after we've obtained of PMP.

Let's get this study group going!





Kickoff will be Tuesday July 10th at 9pm EST, Wednesday 7:30am IST....if interested please let me know soon so that I can send an invitation.




Yes, Brittann. I am already on it with total fervour. See you on Wednesday  at 7.30 AM IST....




I'm in US, EST

Please send your email address to:



So that everyone is on the same page...9 PM ET, Tuesday is 6.30 AM IST, Wednesday.

Yes, I am...


6.30AM for me..


Warmly, KK...

Looks like the 1st study group session is done? When is the next one? I would be interested in joining in. Thanks!

When will this start?  I live in Calgary, Alberta.