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I have created pdfs out of Mike Griffith's "PMI-ACP exam Prep.." for the chapters which are not available at RMC website in soft form. I am just copying the book for future refernce as I have to return the book. I am planning to appear for the ceritfication later in the year. Right now I am just copying the text and some diagrams. I am skipping the exercises, some complicated diagrams and the questions/answers (at the end of the chapter.) for the time being. If you want it in the present form do let me know. Free of cost.

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I am planning to prepare for PMI ACP, any material you have will be very helpful. Please do share. Thanks! 

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If you have any material on Agile, including Exam prep by Mike griffith, it would help me prepare for the exam. Please mail me on enprep25@gmail.com.




I am planning for PMI-ACP. It would be a great help If you can send any material and questions to my mail, i.e. "mailsaumik@gmail.com".

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Can you please send me the copy to nitin537@gmail.com

Your help is much apreciated. Thank you very much! 

Do share your tips/study plan & exam experience if possible?


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Can you please send me the .pdf of the complete book at anilthegreat@yahoo.com.

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Can I have that copy too, and will  help full in preparing at vasuvs@gmail.com

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Could you please email me a copy of the PDF and the links? My email id is sandhyac23@gmail.com.


I planning to do PMI-ACP in coming January.2017.Please send me yours version of ACP pdf file




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1Getting PMI-ACP Certified in 5 Steps:


✪1. Working Experience in Projects (2000 hours - not needed if PMP certified) and Working Experience in Agile Projects (1500 hours); refer to the PMI ACP Handbook: http://www.pmi.org/Certification/~/media/PDF/Certifications/PMI-ACP_Handbook.ashx


✪ 2. Obtain 21 Contact Hours of Agile Education

    - therefore you may use the online PMI-ACP Exam prep course which is excellent in quality. If you already a PMP the Agile PrepCast also gives you 37 PMP PDU for my PMP re-certification as a bonus ! Agile Prep Cast: ☛ http://goo.gl/HAJNC3


✪ 3. Fill the online PMIACP Certifcation application form and schedule the PMI﹣ACP Exam; http://www.pmi.org/certification/agile-management-acp.aspx


✪ 4. Study for the PMIACP Exam; Reference List: http://www.pmi.org/Certification/~/media/Files/PDF/Agile/PMI000-GainInsightsAIGLE418.ashx

=> Hint: You do not need to study all those books from the reference list; the Agile PrepCast provide you the essence of all of these ☛ http://goo.gl/HAJNC3

Recommended Prep Book for ACP-Exam:  RMC PMI-ACP Exam Prep Book by Mike Griffiths ☛ http://goo.gl/KjKHkr

Alternative: The PMI-ACP Exam: How To Pass On Your First Try (Test Prep series) by Andy Crowe ☛ http://goo.gl/QGZYdH

1000+ PMI-ACP Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions ☛ http://goo.gl/wMykHe


✪ 5. Take and pass the PMI﹣ACP Exam. Good Luck!


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Could you please email me a copy of the PDF and the links? My email id is enprep25@gmail.com


Please send me a copy to votthao@yahoo.com






Kindly send it to me at maazibrahim@live.com or maazibrahim@gmail.com


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I am planning to write the exam on Jan 30.Could you please send me a copy @ knair1010@gmail.com