A Questions on chapter Cost Management

Hello everybody here,

I got 2  quetion here first is of simple maths, however i am not able to accept the answer mentioned in the Andy Crowe book.

1 Question is :

We have EV = 127253, BAC = 275,000 and SPI =0.77

We need to calculate how much work was expected to have been completed at this point.

I think it is asking for PV here..

Can any body help me understanding the caculation to caculate PV here.


2 Question

What is Parametric Modelling? Can anybody elaborate?


Thanks in advance.


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Question is about PV

SPI = EV/PV => PV = EV/SPI = 165 263,6

BAC is a distracter in this question


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Parametric Modelling is mentioned once in entire book (see Index). In this question all other answers are not associated with description of this computerized tool, so you have to eliminate them. More about parametric modelling is here:


but I personally think, it is unlikely to found this subject in real exam



Thanks Jansuz, Appreciate your reply..