Question- Time Management

You and the project team are planning the work of the project. In addition to all of the planning activities that you're engaged in, part of the team has been reviewing the customer requirements, and has started to outline a work breakdown structure as well as create elements of the WBS dictionary, breaking down the work packages into smaller increments. The most accurate way of describing this is that you are creating:

a. A milestone list 
b. A deliverable list
c. An activity list
d. A scope elaboration

Might be the anser is C.


Milestone list is output but mostly it is imposed from outside.

Deliverable list - I believe it is nothing but WBS.

Scope elaboration - The scope is already defined in terms of WBS.


and here the team is breaking down the work packages ( which is lowest level of WBS) in to activities. So your are preparing activity list.