PMIS vs Config management

I seem to alway mess up questions when there are 3 possible answers.

1. Configuration mangagement system

2. Change control system


What is a good way to differentiate between the 3 systems?


Configuration Management System is a subset of Project Management System

Change Control System is a subset of Configuration Management System

PMIS comes under TT category.  It is an an Organizational Process Asset.  It is a software tool. 

Too short an explanation to diffrentiate?  Post a scenario



According to  PMPOK guide page 134. the PMIS is included within the enterprise Environmental factors not OPA



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That doesn't make sense, PMIS fits the definition of OPA perfectly. Can the collective authors who wrote PMBOK (the Borg!) be wrong?


i think you can think of the Organization Process Asset(OPA) is a subset of Enterprice Enviromnent Factor(EEF). Remember the EEF is both external and internal whilst the OPA is just a collection of organization processes, procesures and knowledge area base.


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Hi Guys,

As I Promised, PMIS has been launched and in a couple of days the rest will be launched as well and ofcourse finally the Difference.

Please do leave your comments.

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Dear Guru,

I have gone through your blog in this regard. It is good article, but a small correction.

The project management information system (PMIS) is a Tool and Technique in Direct and Manage Project Execution of the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

The project management information system (PMIS) is a Tool and Technique in Direct and Manage Project Execution of the EXECUTION Process Group



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Thanks Chowdary,

That's a Good Catch. Much appreciated.

Let me re-visit and make the correction.


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1) Configuration Management System: It contains the information about all the components or specifications of the components to a detailed level so that it can be used at anytime during the project life is specific for the project that you are currently working one...

The information that you can find in CMS are(but not limited to only this list)

1) version(s) number of the software/application used

2) version(s) number of the documents that the project use

3) hard ware/software configuration/specification

4) number of resource that the project is using/planned  for a spefic workpackage/the entire project....

the list goes on....In short it acts as a repository to hold the project information in an organised manner associated with some numbers or values

2) Change control system: This controls the change process of a project, some of its activities include

1) CRB Meetings - Change review meeting

2) approve/reject a change

3) who is the initiator/owner of the change..


This is again project specific....

3) PIMS (Project Management Information System) : This is usually(but not necessarly) a software package(or tool) that is ment to facilitate various aspects of a project like planning, organizing, and to control a project.

This can be a part of Organizational process asset(OPA), because the information that is stored in PMIS can be used for future projects as part of OPA.

This can also be a part of Enterprice environmental factor(EEF), if the dependency on the tool for the project is high(I may be wrong as well)

Accoring to PMBOK Guide its part of both(atleast thts how I understood)

Page 64: 3.7 Closing process Group - it says "Archive all relevent Project documents in the PMIS to be used as historical data"

Page 134: 6.1.1 Define Activities:Input -  it says "The enterprise environmental factors that can influence the Define Activity process include,but are not limited to, PMIS"

This is the comprehensive definition of PMIS from PMBOK guide page 443

Project management information system (PMIS) [Tool]. An information system consisting of the tools and techiniques used to gather,integrate, and disseminate the outputs of project management processes. It is used to support all aspects of the project from initiating through closing, and can include both manual and automated systems.

Well these are my point of view...tried to explaine them as wat I've understood...please correct me if I'am wrong anywhere I'am also in the learning phase...