Passed PMI - ACP Certification

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One more LL from a person who passed PMI - ACP


Study Plan - 5 weeks
Books: Andy Crowe (read this through 1 time - gives a good basis; would not use it alone)
Books: RMC Mike Griffiths book (read through this 3 times - 1 full read, 2 skims; could use this alone)
Practice tests: - got a free week with Andy - wouldn't pay for it, but taking 1 full length test on that site was nice
Practice tests: RMC test bank - most helpful, worth the money

Overall, the test is way easier than the PMP and even easier than PMI-RMP - pretty straight forward. It took about 40 minutes. 

For a change, I guess, Congratulation is due for the Admin on getting the PMI-ACP certification as opposed to the Admin's congratulations when a PMZILLA member, clears the exam.

Congratulations !


Congratulations admin!!!

I have my eyes on it after I am done with PMP.

  In fact I've started reading Mike Griffith's book but I'm wondering whether this should be the ONLY text matter that I should be going through.


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First of all, congrats for clearing the ACP exam. Thanks for sharing the tips.

How did you get the mandatory 21 PDU s? 




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I am sorry to disappoint people. As I mentioned , I posted LL of someone else , I am yet clear ACP, But seems for those PMP certified.,  like the Mike Griffiths book and Andy should be enough along with couple of practice tests.

Just wanted to check if you have study material for ACP and e-copy of Mike grif to read. I am also planning to give exam. But I dnt have any study material as of now.
- Sjo

in my view the piece of work shared here is helpful 

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