Configuration management -PL reply with explanation- scorers comments are welcomed

Configuration management is a process for applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance of the project implementation. Which activity is not included in configuration management?

A. Controlling changes to the project deliverables

B. Scope verification

C. Automatic change request approvals

D. Identification of the functional and physical     attributes of the project deliverables



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The answer is an obvious "D". What is that confusing you respected Pawarji Sir?


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I will go with option B.

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On 2nd thoughts, I feel Scope Verification is the tight and right answer.


What does your answer sheet say?


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Option A is part of Change Control System which part of CMS

Option B looks out of place to me here.

Option C is again part of Change Control System which is part of CMS. In case of emergency, we require auto approval and later a formal document can be submited for change process to kick start.

Option D looks like part of Configuration Control . CC deals with actual product specification. Product specification would be maintained by CC.

Looks like option B is answer here.


Let me know ?



Option C is correct as it is not a part of Configuration managment.



Hi all,

Scope verification is part of Configuration management.  Detailed explanation regarding Configuration management can be found in attached links.

There is no process which is automated in regard to Change request approval.

Automatic change contol is not any process/activity or plan in any KA or PG.

 And thus C would be correct.

And its meaning is that scope is verified under configuration managementsystem


Do you have any new questions? I see the correct answer is C.