Rita's Process Chart vs. PMBOK Process Mapping

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Can someone explain the connection between these two?


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I passed the PMP exam yesterday!!!

I memorized the planning processes in Rita and the PMBOK Process Map. I also memorized all the formulas on page 582 of Rita. These items were what I brain dumped.

The exam was very challenging and it took me all four hours to complete. I had about two minutes left to go back and check all 40 or so questions that I had marked. I believe I only changed two answers. The questions were for the most part more difficult than ones I practiced. Maybe about 25% were what I considered easy. Most were difficult because they appeared to have two correct answers.

I studied Rita, PMBOK, posts on here, and googled topics I was unfamiliar with. IMHO the PMBOK is the best.

Good luck to everyone still studying!!!


Congrats on passing the exam. Can you list which practice exams and/or questions you attempted that you thought were not as difficult as the actual exam questions?


Thanks in advance.