Is it really important study Rita Process Chart?

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I reading Rita Exam Prep 8th, the Rita Process Chart seem impossible to memorize and also not to recommend to memorize.

However, Rita said many exam question ask for "What is the next step" and "What come before"

But it is equivalent to memorize ITTO...

Just study is seem not much help,so any advice using the Rita Process Chart?

In short, yes.

Memorizing Planning process group IN ORDER from Rita's chart is VERY VERY helpful, as it will make you answer a lot of questions right, about "what's the next setep..."

Also, for the rest of the proceess groups i don't know all the items by memory, but if they're given to me, i can set them in the proper process group 90% of the time.

Try this "game":

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Thanks you

Interservicio - do we need both Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area mapping (pmbok 5 page 60) and Rita Process Chart or anyone is ok?



1) Memorize Rita's Planning processes, IN ORDER. 25 items.


2) Be able to set 90% items in the correct groups in this "game"


3) Memorize all the 47 process and set them correctly in their Knowledge Area and their Process group. Why? Because i saw a lot of questions like "You are Executing a project and..." and in the possible answers they give you things like "manage risks" or "validating scope". Knowing quickly that there is no "Executing proceess for Risks" or that "validatin scope" is a M&C process, can help you a lot.


My plan is to braindump 1) and 3) for the exam.

Im not a fan of memorizing, but i think this two things are worth it.

Just my two cents

Thanks for comments Interservicio  & Admin!

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Try it

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I did not study Rita's chart, only read it once. I would focus more on understanding the concepts rather than memorizing. 



I find Rita's process chart very disconcerting. It does not conform to PMBOK Guide's 47 processes. You can also read Rita's book review to understand more. It is better to understand the processes and find relationships among them.


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It is not really important to memorize ITTO. Pure cramming is not useful. You can always do ITTO questions logically. You can read this article - 7 Strategies to Answer PMBOK ITTO Questions

Good luck.