Rita's process chart

Can someone share thoughts on Rita's process chart ,It is the first page of every chapter. 

 It is good for understanding purpose but how useful is it from a exam perspective? I find it it as a eloberted version of PMBOK 4the d 43 page (process groups and knowledge areas.  Would you advice to write it down in  the 15 min before exam .




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Good Question NBK.  I agree that it is the elaborated version however it is beneficial for you to understand the 'detailed' activities listed as the PMBOK does not show this on that level. In addition, the exam is based mostly on situational experience and may not only ask questions that stem from the PMBOK. If you are familiar with PMI's concept of project management and have practiced this in the real world, then there may not be any ned for you to memorise Rita's chart. I am preparing for my exam and in regards to this, I am sticking to memorising Rita's chart. There are people who just stick with the PMBOK version but raher be safe than sorry.

Any other suggestions, learned colleagues?

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Rita's process chart is only for understanding. IMO there is no need to memorize that. Just understand, some sequences are important, but it does not mean that you need to know everything.

Like what happens during start of project, when is risk managment done, procurmenets and closing.

If you are able to answers questions at the back of the chapter , you should be fine with process chart.

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Yes but also note that she inculcates alot of real world practice that the PMBOK does not show. As I mentioned and in my opinion, if you are an experienced and PMI standard practicing project manager, then there may be no need for you to memorise but if you are not, either way - I do not see any harm in understanding/memorising the sequence. Each one to his own.

Personally, I was not a fan of Rita's book (mostly the overarching pessimistic and condescending tone). If the process chart helps you absorb the concepts of project management, then go for it. Honestly very few things happen that sequentially, except at initiation. Once you get into Planning, everything is overlapping and iterative. I may recall seeing one or two questions on the exam where I thought -- aha!  You can't use the XXX document or plan here -- it hasn't been created yet!

But there is no silver study bullet. Personally, I was not a big fan of ITTO memorization either (and I passed). But for someone else, knowing all those ITTOs might make the surrounding concepts easier to understand. 

Hello Team,


Can some one share with your experience to best remember the ITTO's for passing the exam.

Rita's process chart gives the impression of what happens in the process area compared to PMBOK page 43.




Best way is to understand the process input, ,tools and techniques and outputs. When you do understand them, practice writing them down on paper several times for exam purpose. It is certanily is working me.

IMO, the process chart is useful to look at and recognize, but it may not be the most important thing.  I'd advise looking at the PM Zilla page on ITTO, which is on this page that you see under PMP material.  It is very useful.

Basically, it is useful but am not sure knowing 100% of the details is neccesary.  In particular, you want to have a feel for how the flow goes but not worry about having memorized everything.  This PMP study site goes through some more of the details on this topic.

Good luck! :)

I find Rita's process chart very disconcerting. It does not conform to PMBOK Guide's 47 processes. You can also read Rita's Book Review to understand more. It is better to understand the processes and find relationships among them.