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Dear Vandana

I am sorry to hear that news. Even I am also failed in first attempt though my preparation was very short time (20days max).

I would like to suggest you to follow the following, I am following this, may be useful for you.

Start with Andy Crowe (Books is published for 4th edition) X 2 round. This book is a replacement of PMBoK and you will get good idea of the processes. Very easy writing and help to understand PMBoK.

Then you can refer PMBoK 4th Edition x 3 round with Glossary (MUST)

Then Rita, as you and also me already gone through Rita so you dont have put much effort on it. X 2 round

You can refer Headfirst book also (Book published and available)

Next you can refer Kim Heldman book (Not published in India). I have not gone through the book but the questions seems very good and found in most LL that it is a good book to understand flow of process. It is based on Process groupwise.

Q & A:-

Most of the sites are not updated yet. So you can go for Rita Fastrack V6.0 and

Rita has done a gr8 job in wordy questions.

As your name reflect that you are mostly a Indian, if yes then you can buy books online from They normally deliver within 3 days. I dont know they can deliver outside India or not. Else you can refer

Best of luck




Hi Vandana and Admin,

                          I tried to browse  as directed by the admin. But this url is not working . Are you refering to ? Any one has any idea about this product's authenticity ? Rita's software is around 300us$ while the above mentioned one is around 49$ . Has any one used this ? I would like to hear from admin.




It is I sent couple mail to Shankar (Contact person) but seems he is not ready to provide the PMPs name & email ids to check the authenticity of the software.

Now I have doubt whether I should buy it or not. 

I have purchased the software and it is working fine. there are 10 pmp exams with 200 questions on each exam. another option is random option in which rest of the questions are set. The interface of the software is not great as rita's fast track. But comparing the price it is not bad. Explanations are precise. there are no options to practiise knowledge goupwise. Still I think its a good for 49$.


Hi Prakavi

Thanks for your feedback. Even I am planning to buy this. If you can elaborate little bit more. As I am not getting any respone to Shankar (Contact person of

Is it having 6000 Q&A?

Does it giving any result where it will show the weakness of the KA specific?

Is it referring any PMBoK page number in wrong or correct answer?

How is the quality of Q&A.

Is the answer are understandable?

If you can add and elaborate more things will help to buy it.




Hi cool,

 I have laready mentioned it earlier that the products looks good. But the gui interface is not that much attractive like pmfast track. You dont have any options  to select exams  as per knowledge groups or process wise.

10 exams are there whcih gives you 2000 questions.

Answers are precise  and there is no reference to pmbok.

in Rita;s software she refers to  pmprep not to pmbok.

I have tried the random option  in which he claims rest 4000 questions are there.

every time you start random exam you get different questions. ( i have not tested  the total number of questions )

you can say  the product is good  and you dont need additional software licenses to install this on additional pcs.

quality  of the questions are ok. .

hope this information will be sufficient.

Last but not the least mr. Shankar has replied to my mail!




Thanks Prakavi for the info.

I have already been cheated by other PMP product who demanded that they are best, that's what my query was to you. Spending $50 may not be a problem but we should not use inproper and non standard materials. I have not heard from anybody about this software except you. It seems I can go ahead. 

One last questions:-

Is this software came with the license immediately or we need to send all the time for the licesne. Mean suppose if I format my laptop then I should not loose the license. 

Sorry to bother you.

Thanks in advance.




Hi cool,

          it comes as a an ex e file with a warning  not to share this with anyone. install it anywheere you want. there is no protection mechanism such a entering a license  etc. once you download the file it is urs.

what I found is questions are of standard format and  difficulty level at par with pm fast track .gui interface lacks the lustre  of pm fast track and the explanations too.




Thanks for your feedback prakavi. I appreciate. I hope you are enjoying it.

Let me finish my study and may I will go for it. Thanks again.Laughing

Hi Prakavi

Can you please check your copy that all the 10 exams are having 5 options in answer. One my friend told me that he is having 5 options in answer. But as per PMI standard it should be 4 answer and not 5. If it is then I have doubt on the authenticity.



Hi there,

 In my experience, the best way to pass PMP exam is to practice lots of sample questions. Unless you attempt to use the theories or information you learn from the book, the concepts do not get wired in your brain.

The best site to practice thousands of questions is

It has one full-scale FREE PMP Test as well as many more tests at a very reasonable price.

Good Luck,



Thank you so much for your words. you guessed it correct i am an Indian but i live in Florida, USA.


Thanks for the info about Andy Crowe book. i was not aware of it. iS this the book you are talking about

The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try  Edition 4.

Have you tried this book below

90 Days to Success as a Project Manager

by Paul Sanghera . I bought this and reading it. Its good but very slow.

The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try  Edition 4.

Yes you are right.


The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try  Edition 4.

Yes you are right.


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 Rita's new book is out in the market, you can use that for indepth reading. Recall the topics from your exam where you think you were not sure... Make a list of topics you did not study but you got questions on them.... Try to master those areas .

 Check your weak areas from your report card and try to focus on them when reading answering questions etc....

I will also recommend that you read LL posted here to give you an idea of what worked for many




I cleared my PMP on June 30, 2009. I read your lessons learnt in detail. You can also read my lessons learnt which I posted today few minutes back. Here are my suggestions, for passing the exam for you.

1.Books you can read Headfirst, to clarify concepts, PMBOK Glossary, Tools and Techniques, remember by heart, every 44 process, you should know by heart, in which process group is it, read Rita malcahy also.

2. Along with reading, dont ever stop practicing questions, every day make it a point to at least practice 40-50 questions daily without fail, be it from rita fast track cd or anywhere else (I used fast track cd rita). Specially one month before the exam, you should do it continuously, and your score should be more than 90 percent.

3. Become member of PMHUB.NET and read every piece, in detail, initially spend one or two days exploring that site, it has loads and volumes of information stored in itself.

4. Always read tools and techniques daily, paste it on your desk and glance through daily without fail, specially one month before D day.

5. Numerical questions, you were not sure, thats what you said. Let me tell you these are the only questions which you are very sure that you have done right in the whole exam.Practice hard on these so that you can do them without much time getting wasted in real exam, there is only practice that can make you perfect.

6. You said you scored more than 75 percent in each exam, including PMSTUDY, let me ask you, did you give all the four exams for PMSTUDY, if not, then buy all the four exams from pmstudy and specially, make a note of all the wrong answers and anayze those, only then you will be able to know your weak points.

If yes, you gave all the four exams, then after fourth exam, you should have score more than eighty percent, and did you analyse the wrong answers and wrote in your note pad after analysing for revising later.

7. Most important, whatever questions you wrong, please start writing in your notebook, so that you can revise later. As just before 2 3 days before, you need to revise all those,.....

I think this is the mantra I could give you. Hopefully it will help you. Please let me know in case you need any other information.



Hi Puneet

Really you matra is good. Thx.

No problem Cool, hope it will help u in preparation.

I am also preparing for PMP, wanted to buy PMP fasttrack(Rita Mulcahy's) exam software. It is expensive.


Looking for a group to purchase the software. please let me know.


if you are interested.



Where do I get an Andy Crowe's book (latest edition) for FREE?

 Online available somewhere?

Or may be torrent sites?

 thanks in advance.


Is Andy Crowes book available in in pdf format ? I was looking to buy or obtain one.. The only ones I could find are paperback editions.


I can share

would you be able to share Andy crowe's book (new edition)?


i just finished boot camp course and I don't feel it was adequate enough for me to pass.  Way too much information not enough practice test or something to jog my 40 year old memory.  Can I use Ritas material?

would you please be able to share Andy crowe's book (latest edition) softcopy ?Thanks a ton in advance.!

would you able to share the copy to me. I need only the exam part. 




Can anybody share with me the Andy Crowe's The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try in PDF file? Or at least where I can download one. Many thanks.


can you plz share the book my email





Hi Vandana,

Can you please share with me the Andy Crowe's The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try in PDF file?

My email id is


Suresh Panchanathan

Can someone please share with me the Andy Crowe's The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try in PDF file?

My email id is



Andy Crowe's The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try is a copyrighted book.  Sharing a PDF file of it is illegal, unethical and against the PMI Code of Conduct.  A PMI member, PMP or person aspiring to be a PMP should not be asking someone to violate a copyright.


This is Andy Crowe, the author of The PMP Exam: How To Pass On Your First Try. I notice that you are looking for a free PDF of my book.

My first edition was published in May 2003, and ever since that date I have worked tirelessly to keep it updated, fully rewriting it twice. It is a copyrighted work, and it is not free. Rather, it is the primary source of my income and livelyhood.

You will find that legitimate copies of my book also contain a week of free access to an elearning site called InSite that has a test bank of thousands of questions that you can use. I believe it is the best book on the market, and I think you would find that it is an outstanding value.

Thank you for your interest in my book, and please consider obtaining it through a legitimate source.

Best of luck to you,

Andy Crowe

Hi Vandana, This is Ram, I'm also preparing for PMP Exam, I red about your PMP study preparation methodology and it's really impressive, If you don't mind, Please, can you share Andy Crowe book to me.


Would greatly thanks in advance.

Best regards,




Hi vandana

Can you plz share your Andy crowe with me.  my mailid is


hi Vandana,

Can you share me the book of Andy Crowe?

My email is


can you send the andy crowe book in pdf to my email id


Thanks a lot in advance

Count me in the group

Count me in the group

Greetings Vandana,


Here is my email:


Please let me know, who ever would like to join the group. we can buy the material.




Puneet, thank you so much for your mantras. It will surely help me


the exam prep book or is it like a knowledge book.

Thanks in advance for your reply

Not the book just the PMFasttrack exam software RITA's.. which is $300


Just wanted to buy in group and can prepare.

The other cheap 50$ software i don't want to take a risk with it. most of it is based on 3rd edition PMBOK.


Here is my email please let me know:




Dear Raj,

            How can you conclude that $50 product is based on pmbok 3rd edition ?did u purchase it ? And for people aiming  for a group buy , you have to buy multiple licenses for pm fasttrack to work on multiple pcs . Buying one license will not cater the needs.

are you planning to purchase multiple license or single license?

Regards prakavi

dear coolpmp,

                It dosent matter whether it has 5 or 4 answers . if you know the correct one you can answer. we are using this softwares just to familiarize  ourselves with the examination. If it has 5 answers how can you say the authenticity is lacking ?



Thanks prakavi for the info.

One prob is there,whenever you will sit for 4hrs exam to judge u..that time you may be out of time. Bcoz u have to read the 5th answer as well.Your judgement may be wrong that time.


Anyways thx for your feedback. I appreciate that. Questions quality and answer shd b good..that u already cleared. Thx. 

I'd also like to get andys or Kim's book electronically and can share anything I have.

I had the exact same experience as Vandana.  Studied hard and still did terribly on the exam.  If anyone wants to go in on the FasTrack V6 CD, please let me know.  I will also buy a used copy if anyone has it.  I did notice that the trial version has all 1400 question encrypted in an .xml file.  If someone has a key, that would be great.

It is the IPR violation and also the violation of PMI code of conduct to ask for the key i mean try to use the CD in a pirated way..

So, you may want to take care about this..


Best regards,


Hello Vandana,


YES Paul Sanghera's book has been updated to PMBOK 4th edition.


You can buy it on Amazon; link :