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If you took the 3rd edition test and failed, as I did, (your story is almost identical to mine) then you have one year in which to retake the test using the same question base.  Your retest will also only cost $275 (plus or minus).

As a study guide, the PMBOK is almost useless.  I also read other books and studied practice test.  I also took a PMP Certification course at University.  The actual test questions were much different than any of the practice questions that I took.

Study with the lessons learned from the failed test, take the test again, and you will do fine.


Hi All,


I am going for my test next month. Please suggest all last minute prep that can be done. Also if anyone could share the Do's/Dont's before/while taking the exam.




I too took the exam on June 30th and did not pass but my study time was 2 1/2 weeks for 80+ hrs. My materials included the PMBOK v3, Rita Mulcahy's book, and a book camp from September 2008. I felt fairly confident that I had passed.


This time I have Andy Crowe, Rita's, Velociteach bootcamp, PMI Q & A book and PMBOK v4. I am scheduled to retake it this Friday. Here are my scores from Andy's test. Any last minute ideas or suggestions? Also what percentage of the exam is focused on ITTO, Quality, Risk, and Procurement questions? 



23 78.26%
Planning 23% 46 82.61%
Executing 27% 53 81.13%
Monitoring and Controlling
42 73.81%
Closing 9% 18 61.11%
Professional and Social
Responsibility 9%
18 94.44%
Total 200 78.56% 


you should be able to Pass this time, be cool.

I see that last time, your study time was very less. 2 months, and in that too you could read so many books, its not possible.

  1. Please familarize with Tools and Outputs ( you dont have to Memorize them).
  2. Solving Mathematical questions (these are quick score enhancers)
  3. Situational Questions

Regarding, PMI ethics questions, guys correct me if am wrong, but i think these are the questions which are not scored (out of the 25 questions). I mean how would a person react in a situation is totally on his discretion and i think here PMI takes help of examinee's answers and thereby uses it in there PMBOK or elsewhere.

I have still not taken the Exam, thinking of taking up next month.

Vandana let us know your LL once you appear for the exam.


Mr. Vandana:

I am preparing for exam but all the stories about failing makes me nervous. I appreciate if you can share the book and the material for PMP Exam prep.

I greatly appreciate and would be grateful for ever.




Integration / scope / time / cost / quality / risk..

ITTO's(Inputs / tool & technics / outputs) are very important, you don't have to memorize.. i listen to mp3's thats it multiple times.

One good idea is try to use a dictaphone to create a wav file to play in your car while driving., record all ITTO's your way.


Wish you all the best.


Hey Vandana,

Did u give the exam ?



a friend of mine failed her test on the first time. I gave her one advice: Know your Tools and techniques: when to use what are they. She did that and she passed the sec time. I am not saying that is all you need to know. But knowing them will increase your chances of passing.And Practice practice practice. find all the simulation exams you can a good place to start. i also tried the one with PMstudy and one with pmpinstitute allows you to save and resume if you can not find 4 straight hours to practice. But seriously Practice as much as you can, and know your tools. Good luck to all of you MS


Sorry to hear. No point blaming the nature of the exam and it's not going to fetch you the 61% to pass. Here's the good news - like some have suggested, practice more but do it smartly. The more familiar you are with the questions, the better off you are.

It doesnt matter how many books you read, how good a PM you are at work or the number of years you have on your resume. Those factors dont matter on the face of an exam (esp this one!!). Again, all that matters is the familiarity with the questions.

 So instead of reading the chapters get a question bank with an answer key. Read the question, then the answer and if u aren't sure refer to the chapter in Rita's book. Follow this diligently for 10 days and I guarantee you will pass the exam.

All the best !!

 Hi Vandana


   Please share the free download link for Andy Crowe Book.


Can someone please share with me the Andy Crowe's The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try in PDF file?




Hi, coolpmp.
Failure is the key of success and you have provided Vandana with reference to help her in facing her exam. Perhaps, Vandana might have adopted the trick and methods to get success in her exam. I have also suggested my friend to help him facing the exam from this article and he is very thankful to it. Reference books are very essential to all the students and get more knowledge to broaden the mind. If you have knowledge of any other reference books, please keep on informing us. Anyway, thank you for this comment that helped not only Vandana, but also to other readers.