Cleared PMP on October 28th 2015


I cleared PMP exam today, took 8AM slot. 4 MP, 1BP (Planning) :oops: not sure where I screwed up.

Saket free videos  from IZENBRIDGE helped me a lot and easy to remember the concepts and apply in the exam.

My last exam was back in early 2000 year, that being said, for 16 years, I have not studied nor wrote any exam, it was painful for first few days, but then after it becomes normal and get used to it.

Let's begin the real LL about the exam, I have plenty to share, may be it's already too much, but let me share whatever I have experienced in this wonderful journey.

Heuristic - If i can do it, you can do it.

I have started this journey back in sometime in July 3rd week, first few weeks trying to gather information and took couple of weeks. I also attended in person training, it's waste of money and time, learned nothing by going to New York downtown everyday, for 4 weekends, I rather learned more I spent that time at home, If I know about Saket, I should have joined. Before July 2015, I have no idea about PMP, I didnt even know there is one out there (Even though I was in IT for 16 plus years)

I was in so much confusion whether to take it or wait, due to work pressure day in day out and family reasons that we are expecting second baby in next 2 weeks (we already 5+ year kid at home, constant disturbance, I can't blame her), which was put me in tremendous pressure, than the weekend (Saturday night) I have decided to take it as soon as possible, choose today, I went all the way to Norwalk CT from upstate New York due to unavailability at one of the closest center where I live. 

I owe a BIG thanks to my wife for all the support, without her, it shouldn't be possible to me to pass the exam.

Believe me, I still have gaps, may be due to questions that were posted in the forums from various sources, but the real exam doesn't pose into that kind of situation.

I have studied PMBOK for 2 times and RITA for 2+ times, and listened her Audio format.

Mock Exams - The biggest challenge is not reading question thoroughly and jump to a conclusion which was resulted my score very low ( that habit didnt change until before the exam)
SCORDO - Completed almost all of them, average score is around 73% average, never crossed 80% :roll: 
Head First (Took last month) 73 (did lot of silly mistakes)
Exam Central 2 (scored 69% and 79%, first one gave long back even before I am ready to take the mock exam)
Simplilearn 66% (Again lot of silly mistakes, should have scored easily 75%)
Oliver 175 - 65%
All RITA chapter wise questions
PMSTUDY Free Exam 66 % (Again same silly mistakes screwed my score)

Before Exam (Which is yesterday)
I was very nervous from past 2 days, prepared mentally that I am not going to pass, Oh yes, not sure why, may be my scores are not 80% in the mock exams.

Please don't read until last minute, I have studied until 8.45 PM and went to bed around 9.30 PM, couldn't sleep until 10.30 PM ( because I will sleep around midnight daily from past 2 1/2 month), guess what woke up around 12 midnight and coudnt sleep again, tried whole noght at least to get a nap, but no luck, this one put me into so much pressure, eyes are burning and not able open them, even while driving I was thinking of just skip the exam and plan for coming days ( I know I will loose money), went ahead, my situation is like drug addict walking on the busy streets, exactly... completed the formalities and started exam 15 minutes before 8 AM EST.

In so much pressure and to add more the first question is RISK and not easy to answer, with my condition forget about, some how I was able to complete the exam without fall sleep in the center :lol: 

I was able to finish the exam in 3.25 minutes, which was 25 minutes over to my original plan, now I went back and reviewed some of the questions, not changed that many, may be less than 5.

I have not clicked on END EXAM BUTTON, the system did it for me, as soon as I see the message (Your time is up), my heart beat went up by million times and even more, due to this anxiety, I decided to fill the survey at least which will give me some time to come back normal, but it didn't stop until I see the result which is PASS. If I was in normal condition, should have scored couple of P's for sure.

Coming to questions
1) Please dont memorize ITTO's, I see only 3-4 direct questions, which are easy to answer
2) Concentrate on RISK, HR, PROCUREMENT and QUALITY ( No theory guru questions - Only one, that to be not direct, I have remembered so many, waste of memory), you will get all 5 P's easily
3) Questions are not very long, may be around 25% more than 5 lines, majority of them are 3-4 lines
4) Math questions are very easy - I might have scored 100%, I got around 8 to 10
5) Only one question on Net work Diagram, easy one
6) I got one big net work diagram with around 30 activities, as soon as I seen this question, I went to next question to see if they have more questions (it's different) related to the diagram, but at the end the question was asking what is the float on critical path.
7) Memory dump not used (Just to look back the math)
8) No ethics questions to me
9) If you know the concepts clearly, PMP exam is easy, otherwise you will go crazy.


Let me know if you anybody has nay questions. I know it's lot but might helpful for some.

I wish you all the best for test takers.

Hello Thiru,

Thanks for your detailed email.

Can you please suggest if I start preparing now, will it be enough for me to appear by first Week of January for the Examination ?

Also other than Rita and PMBOK, do you recommend any other books for the Exam.


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Congratulations and thanks for good detailed post 

It is good to learn more about ITTO. - Paul Savramis