Why Scope Baseline is not an Input in Verify Scope

I am applying logic to understand the inputs and outouts for each process and I am good till now. But there is a confusion in Verify Scope.

I strongly believe that Scope Baseline should be an input to Verify Scope. Else we are verifing scope against what (only requirements)? PMBoK says only inputs are Requirement Document (Why I need this, if everything is there in WBS). I agree on Requirement Treability document, because it traces where I have implemented the particular requirement.



Scope baseline is a critical input to both the Verify Scope and Control Scope processes. However it is not being shown in the PMBOK4 guide as a separate input to these processes. The project management plan is an input to both of these processes which includes the scope baseline. Please refer to PMBOK4 page 122 where it states, “The scope baseline is a component of the project management plan”.
I hope that answers the question.
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Scope Baseline (including scope statement/WBS/WBS dictionary) is created in order to figure out the scope of work and works need to be done to produce the deliverables.

The purpose of Verify Scope process is to get acceptance from the sponsor or customer for the deliverables by inspecting/reviewing the deliverables with their requirements presented in requirements documentation/requirements traceability matrix and PM plan.

That's why Scope Baseline is not necessary included in Verify Scope's Input.




Scope baseline is an important input to verify scope. Read more about the Scope Baseline and PMP questions on Scope Baseline.

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Verify Scope

A genuine question

What is being verified ?

Answer  - SCOPE - it means you need this as input from where  -  Scope Base Line, some body can say  - that is only project Validated Deliverables.- it is again a part of project scope statement and it is output of Difine Scope.

By what these will be verified ?

Ans - All input other than Scope

The same thing is for CONTROL SCOPE too.