Urgent please ....Suggest best training class program

Hello All,

I started my PMP preparation and my target is to complete it by Feb2013.

I would like to know which trainig institute (class room based) is best to attend the PMP trainiing programs


2)PM study

Here, Knowledge woods are conducting 4 days of class room sessions and where as PM study is conducting 2 days of course. I am confused b/n these two programs.

 In just two days, will thay able to cover all the areas of PM book?

When should we attend the class room training? Will it be before starting the preparation or after the preparation.

Please suggest me as which institute is best among PMstudy and knowledge woods or let me know if any thing is available other than these two.

Thanks Inadvance,


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We have 2 endorsement of knowledgewoods in this forum. So you can take your chance. PMStudy has been around for longer, so you should really compare the overall package , what interests you, what will be feasible. etc.



Hi..Its good that u have pre-planned ur schedule..I had recently enrolled for PMstudy class and they provided me with free 40PDU's and risk management online course material + practice test material for preparation..Feel thats a good deal..Would personnaly endorse PMstudy .Not aware of the 2 day Progrm by Pmstudy but I have enrolled for a 4 day course..I would share the classroom feedback soon:)

Hi Kirsten,

PMstudy is conducting training for 2 days only in India. Please let me know from where you are attending 4 days of classes from PM study.





 I have enrolled for the class in Houston, US. Not sure if  PMstudy has 4 day class in India!! Well with the online prep course i feel so confident  that I feel 2 days would be enough to pass the PMP..

Its not the case that reader must be completely agreed with author’s views about article. So this is what happened with me, anyways its a good effort, I appreciate it. Thanks   thai dating

Hi People,

My vote goes to PMstudy. I heard great things about PMstudy from numerous sources and checked out their Free Test. and have selected them. I would be attending PMstudy's Bootcamp early part of next month.

Hope I can pass the PMP exam in the 1st attempt. Do wish me luck!!!





The online materials of the PMstudy will help you a great deal. It has also come up with mobile apps. It will be great preparatory program for you I suppose.



Please give your feedback who attended bootcamp training classes on Knowledge woods.




 I am a successful PMP now ..Thanks to PMstudy course .I passed in my very first attempt. I found the course material and their teaching methodology very helpful. With 40 free contacts hours + Six sigma online course + 20 odd PMI PDU's its worth, Isn't it!! Well I am not too sure of Knowledge woods but there are a few others such as PMTA with some positive reviews.You may consider them as well..Good Luck!!

-Harry Warner, PMP

 Hi Harry,


I have also joined PMstudy and now you have boosted my confidence.



Hi Harry,

Great to hear that you cleared the PMP exam!!

I have also enrolled for the PMstudy course and look forward to being a PMP very soon!!





 My vote goes to Knowledgewoods! Its all coz of them that I successfully cleared my PMP exam within such a short duration of attending PMP training from them. The mock tests offered by them are an added advantage for any PMP candidate as it provides a practical experience of the final exam.

 I would certainly suggest you to enroll with Knowledgewoods…the reason being their 100% money back assurance which enables you to concentrate just on your exam preparation with no fear of pass or fail. I attended their PMP training in the month of September & could very well qualify my PMP exam with a score of 81% exactly after a month.


If You are in India then I would suggest SABCONS. They have 5 days course Monday to Friday. Trust me , It is worth to attend the course. Fee is 18400 Rs


I would recommend PMstudy. I am enrolling with Pmstudy shortly. They have great materials. You will prepare well with PMstudy. All the best....


Hi Harry,

Congratulations on the result! Thats great!!!

I would also second Jeff's recommendation. I have also decided to join PMstudy. Many of my friends have vouched for its awesome study materials and its faculty.

My friends have also raved about PMstudy's dedicated customer service who were always available for help at any time.

Definitely worth a try!!!



Hi San,

I totally understand what confusion you are going through...i have also experienced the same when i planned about PMP.

To tell you i had set a target of 6-8 months for PMP preparation & still wasn’t sure whether I’ll be able to clear PMP exam or not. Just like you, i also used to post a lot on forums about the best PMP training institutes in my city.

But i am actually very happy that i opted for Knowledgewoods...I am a certified PMP today and a lot of credit goes to Knowledgewoods team. They helped me a lot at every single step…right from filling the application form till the day I managed to pass the exam.

I have suggested knowledgewoods to all of my friends, and I sincerely recommend you too to go for knowledgewoods only…

 Thanks all..Certainly it wouldn't ve been possible without the PMstudy instructor who helped out with lots of tricks n tips. Thanks once again!!

 hEY i AM New to the PMstudy club but so far I fouund their free tests and online course good..WOuld be too early to comment anything else..will update you after I appear for test..Cheers!

 By the way here is an interesting app I downladed ..very useful for PMP indeeed https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pmstudy/id567983650?mt=8

Hi San...

So did you finally opted for knowlegdewoods or PMStudy? I am also in same delima...:(


 Hi Gaurav,

I would suggest you to take up PMstudy program as it not only has great quality online material but also supporting podcasts and different apps, which will help you in complete preparation for the PMP exam. I am also having the great experience of choosing PMstudy. Hope it does help you.


You can check out www.prozia.org for PMP classroom Training or PMP Online Training. You can call at 8527333226 or mail at learningandtraining@prozia.info

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