35 hour contact program - Bangalore


Can someone please suggest which is better among the two - http://www.knowledgewoods.in/pmp/ or http://www.tenstep-quahance.com/







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Generally cost is determining factor in 35 contact hours, unless someone really has some extraordinary feedback about a particular course. Both these trainings look quite similar Ten step is more reputed amongst the two. Generally if you are experienced PM, you dont need much of these trainings so the cheapest one should be fine.

You can even get 35 hours from Simplilearn or PM Prepcast for Rs 2500 onwards

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i have attended the knowledgewoods Project management training program. they have very good faculty.they also provide pre and post training material which is very helpful. the book they give headfirst is very good. their mindmaps are also very good for revising your concepts. they also provide 2000 questions for practice.

and if you fail in your exam after taking training from knowledgewoods they return your training fee back.

so in my opinion you should go for knowledgewoods