Passed PMP exam with all 5 Proficient score

Hi All

I have passed the PMP® exam with 5 Proficient ratings. Thanks to all those who shared their exam LL ,tips & tricks. It's my turn to contribute by sharing my experience and lessons learned.

I have documented my LL in details at blog. I hope you will find it useful

Below is my blog -

Sachin Vehale, PMP®

Many many congratulations on your success Sachin...and 5Ps is like WOW  How you managed to score so well???

I would like to ask you whether you attended any training program before appearing for PMP exam or not? If so, after how many days you took after the training. I am planning to register myself for a PMP training program from Knowledgewoods. Its a 4 days program and it seems that they are offering 45 Days Money Back guarantee on their PMP training.

M providing here the link to their website - 

Do check if you get time.







Thanks !

I did not attend any 'classroom' training program or crash course etc. Mostly because I wanted to learn things and I did not want to pack everything into small weekend courses. I started from scratch, did research on internet and self-studied. I used PM prepast study material and books as mentioned in my LL.
It took me around 6 months time, but it was all self-directed and with my own efforts.

Please refer to my LL blog.

Hi all,

I would highly recommend is external) to anyone taking this difficult PMP Certification Exam. This site has more than 700 free questions with no registration needed.

Try it before going to the exam to test your readiness. is external)

Good Luck.

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Congratulations on getting 5Ps

Thanks Admin

And welcome to the club of 5Ps!

Your LL took me on a trip down the memory lane. Been almost 2 years now that I've passed my own PMP but seems just like yesterday. :-)

Best of luck!

~ Diba

Many thanks Diba

<p>Hi Sachin,</p><p>Could you please help me in getting some information?</p><p>As you have written following books you referred, would like to know more about this.</p><p>PM Prepcast ,PM Prepcast Forum.....plz provide me URL or exact location of this ?<br>PMBOK® – 5th Ed...I have read PMBOK5 thoroughly.</p><p>Rita Mulcahy&nbsp; - 8th Ed....Do I need to purchase this ? or is this freely available on net.</p><p>Till this point is this sufficient ? Or do I need to go for following books as well.</p><p>===</p><p>Kim heldman&nbsp; : PMI® bookstore :&nbsp; ( based on 4th ed )........Location nedded ?<br>Chris Scordo : PMI® bookstore........Location nedded ?<br>Frank Anbari – PMI® bookstore........Location nedded ?</p><p>==</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Pallavi<br>&nbsp;</p>

;Hi Sachin,
Could you please help me in getting some information?&
As you have written following books you referred, would like to know more about this.

PM Prepcast ,PM Prepcast Forum.....plz provide me URL or exact location of this
PMBOK® – 5th Ed...I have read PMBOK5 thoroughly.
Rita Mulcahy&amp;nbsp; - 8th Ed....Do I need to purchase this ? or is this freely available on net.
Till this point is this sufficient ? Or do I need to go for following books as well.
Kim heldman PMI® bookstore :( based on 4th ed )........Location nedded
Chris Scordo : PMI® bookstore........Location nedded ?
Frank Anbari – PMI® bookstore........Location nedded ?

Hi Pallavi

I am a member of PMI so I used Heldman, Chris Scordo & Frank Anbari books which are available in PMI's online bookstore. Heldman book which I referred was based on 4th ed PMBOK, but I found it helpful because it has real world examples. I used Scodro & Anbari books for practice questions. You might be knowing that PMI membership has benefits with PMP exam fees and you can access their bookstore , so better become PMI member instead of buying all the books.

Rita mulcahy book is good when used alongside PMBOK. Latest edition is 8th. You might find it on online stores. I recommend to go through PMBOK first before referring to any other PMP book. & when in doubt, always refer PMBOK as 'final word'.

I also suggest to spend some to research on internet for the study material that suits your learning habits & time available & then take decide on what material to buy for exam preparations.

I used PM prepcast study material along with other study material I mentioned at my LL. I have also provided the URLs there.

Hope this helps.



Hello...Many Many Congratulations...and yeah wonderful blog...

Thank you !

Can you give some tips for how to memorize the formulas and ITTO & list of formulas.. please


I would suggest - first understand what every term in that formula is meant for & what is that formula meant for.

Then prepare your own formaule list while studying. instead of copy -paste, type or write down & practice, practice frequently. That's the best way to remember.

mathematical calculations are nothing more than plain algebra. You just need to understand the concept behind the formulae.

Same applies to ITTOs. Memorization is actaully not required if you understand concept & purpose. if you do that, finding the right choice among 4 answers shouldn't be an problem.

& yes, it requires lot of practice. If you are already familiar with some of the concepts form PMBOK, that will be an added advantage.

Hope this helps.


Hey congrats on being PMP certified.

I have one question. Could you please let me know whether the exams question theme was similar to Rita Guide. I mean I have Rita's Fast Track and the guide. Most of the questions follow some sort of theme. Were the exams questions close to it or was it different?

Eargly waiting for your response.



Hi JP - Thanks

I  used Rita's Book(Guide) during my preparations but not Fast Track. The questions in Guide after the chapters are really good to test your understanding.Some of exam questions have similar difficulty level.

I would suggest do not get distracted by pattern or theme of questions.It really doesn't matter if you have understood/learned the concepts well. Real exam will have mix of all levels of difficulties of questions and some very easy. I hope this helps you.

All the very Best



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I just read another LL, it seems the question is more look like PMStudy's theme.

The question and the answer is not using the name of the process, ITTO or terms.

I've tried to collect different sites with free PMP mock exams, you can review it here: