Passed PMP June 6 with 2P 3MP

I'd been a reader on this site specifically on the forum for the past four weeks, trying to gain information on what it looks like in the exam. I believe this somehow helped me in my preparation, and in trying to help the others also, I will try to share my experience here

The exam is tough, at least to what I experienced.

The exam requires you to fully understand the concepts behind the 47 processes. Plainly memorizing the process names and its definition as written in the PMBOK, wont help. You need to understand what's going on within these processes. The exam will not directly mention a particular process or ITTO, rather, it describes a situation pertaining to that process or ITTO, and you have to figure it out for you to be able to ascertain what's really being asked in the question.

The questions were masterfully crafted to lead you into thinking that it's talking about Process A, but in fact it is discussing Process B. Then ask you What will you do NEXT? Of course if you fall into the trap then you will respond Process B, when in fact the right answer should be Process C, based on the activity sequences as written in PMBOK.

The pattern of questions revolves around process/activity relationships, 50 % of the questions ask you "what will you do next?" hence your process knowledge will come into play, but of course after you trully understand what's your take-off process. You will not see direct questions like "after Process D what will you do next?" Of course all of us on this site know Process E will be next, but that's not how the questions are being thrown. It will describe a scenario related to Process D, with side salads of extraneous information to confuse you, and that's it, you have to figure out what process are you in. Then on the choices, to make it sweeter, it will not directly mention the process name "Process E" as among the choices, but rather put in an activity which is part of the "Process E" process. Hence, plainly memorizing the 47 process will not work, you need to understand what's going on in the processes.

I find 50% of the questions very tricky, most took me reading the questions twice just to understand as there are extraneous information, which shaved off much of my time. I was not able to review my marked answers around 20, by the time I'm at question number 200, time remaining was 58 seconds. I took 5 minutes break in the middle to freshen up my eyes.

Around 10 computations on EVM, but it doesn't give you that easy to just use the formulas, it shows a graph with data on it (the EV AC PV), you need to figure out the values of the variables before you can even start computing.

Communication channels around 3 questions and requires simple algebra. Gives you the existing number of channels then ask you the stakeholders.

There's a couple of PTA computations, and around 5 questions on contracts.

Lot's of Risk questions, as well as Quality. You need to understand well the quality tools, the questions will not mention the ideal definitions keywords related to the tool, but rather describe a problem scenario in the workplace, then ask you what will be the best tool to use.

I did not try to memorize the ITTO,I just get aware of what are those, what is its use or purpose, ... and through logic you should know where in the process this should apply.

Three Tuckman, a couple of Maslow, McClelland and Herzberg a piece.

Hope this helps! ... and Good Luck!

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After read you LL, i think the real exam is not similar as Rita Fast track , right?

Fast track is simply ask "What Next of Process A?" and give the choice Process B, C, D, E. So which mock exam you think is most similar?

And the EVM question, it shows a graph with data on it.
So did the graph label which curve is EV,PV,AC?

How about TQM and OPM3 question??

My D-Day is on 19/Jun, i am worry on it.

PMP Fighter, I cannot comment on the Rita Fast Track as I did not use it on my practice exam. I used the usual free exams oftenly mentioned here like PMPforSure, PMStudy, Lehmans, Scordo and Heads Up, and I'm averaging 75-80%. After that, I used the PMZilla 200 Test Qs and got a dismal 55% score. I got frustrated for I thought I was doing good. Well, they're Tough Questions and do not plainly spoon feed the right answer but force you to take an effort to look for the right answer. What I did is to study the explanation of the answer, for all the questions, not just those I got wrong but also those I got t right. This somehow improved my knowledge concepts and I realized I need to supplement it further. So I bought also two other Exam materials, they're cheap in price, comparable with PMZilla price, PMP Exam Practice Q (Sean Whitaker) and PMP Exam Prep (Daud Nasir) Kindle Edition. It helps bolster your concept reading their explanations on the right answer, for these two I averaged 70%.

On your question which mock exam is close to the actual exam? Well, I believe those practice exams which I mentioned above have a mix of easy to difficult questions. I cannot tell you exactly which is which, because even the PMP exam itself might have easy questions, remember the questions are randomly generated for you from their thousands of questions in their database. I don't want to give a false hope. To some degree those practice exams I took helped me clear up my concepts and led me to think like what PMI wants us to think. So my advice to you is, do not just rely on one or two practice exam, as those practice exam available have their own upside. Also, you have to study the explanations on the right answer, don't just look at your score and that's it, it defeats the purpose.

On the EVM, yes there's label on the curve
Lots of Quality questions, you must know the principle behind TQM, the question do not define it, it gives a scenario in the workplace.
OPM3, I dont remember any question pertaining to maturity model

Hope this helps

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Thanks you villo!
Your LL is valuable!

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Quality of questions in PMP exam is good , which has retained the relevancy of the exam in Project management world.

Congratulations and very good LL. Thanks for sharing.