I passed the PMP today on my first try

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would pass along the news. I just passed the PMP today, on my first attempt.  Here is how I did it.

Read the PMBOK Guide 3 times through.

Rita's questions, 2 times through. I initially scored in the high 60's and then high 70's low 80's.

I read the O'Reilly Head first PMP to help give a better explanation to topics in the PMBOK Guide

Pm Zilla formula content is very helpful. I would not rely memorization, but understand how the formula works.

For me this took about 2 months of studying with the weekend before spending about 8 hours on each day.  I would not recomend allowing a long time span between studying and the test date. I went into super study mode when I scheduled the test, about a month out. I allowed myself enough time to study but not enough time to slack off.


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Congratulations Jennifer on your achievment.

 Appreciate you sharing your LL and experience with the group

Welcome to elite world of PMPs

 - Admin



I am planning to give exam in June.


Do you know, where can i get old exam papers ?


Really appreciate your help.




Hi Anka,


 You have lots and lots of papers in internet..I have listed the tests i did in the lessons learned portion of this forum.


 you can go through the list and search in internent.



 let me know if you need more details. 




Congradulation, Jennifer...

Appreciate your advise... on the difficult part of exam from the LL