Journey To Achieve Pmp On Feb 19th On My Frist Attempt

Hi guys,

I am so excited to tell that I passed PMP on feb 19th on first attempt. 

My heartful thanks to my wife, kids and my parents who supported me in preparing for PMP, And my sincere thanks to this forum members and PMZIlla team 

 The questions were so tough that I could not imagine.

I did around 10 to 15 sample tests available on the internet, no test is near to the actual exam.

I even did Oliver Lehmann's 75 and 175 questions, and passed in those two tests.

But real exam is even tougher than these tests.

These are the Results:

Initiating - Moderately Proficient
Planning - Proficient
Executing - Moderately Proficient
Monitoring & Control - Proficient
Closing - Moderately Proficient
Professional and Social Responsibility - Below Proficient (Dont know why?, I felt I did well in these questions)

During the exam:

I finished first round in 2.5 hours and marked 30 questions. next 20 mins I reviewed these 30 questions and made decisions. 

in the final 1 hour I reviewed each and every question carefully and made few modifications to my answers.

I didn't finish the test until the timeout.(Didnt want to)

Around 85% questions are situational in my test.. struggled a lot to read and understand the question itself.


I prepared for 5 and half weeks. I was told by one of my PMP friend saying it would be really difficult to finish the preparation within 6 weeks, that too with kids. That might be true to some extent. But some how I was able to manage myself. I divided all the 12 areas into 4 parts and prepared for 4 weeks. Each week day I prepared for 2 to 3 hours and 6 hrs on the weekends

The books I prepared were Crosswinds, Rita (not felt its needed), Head First and PMBOK.

The 5th week I was going through all the forums and gone through the lessons learned sections and gathered questions from several websites.

During the 5th week I got Head First PMP book from Library and I felt so bad that why I did not get this book early. I finished reading this book within 1 and half day. It is really really nice book to understand the methodology. But the problem with this book is it will not cover all the terms and topics which were available with PMBOK.

Once I finished with Head First PMP book, I started reading PMBOK again, it made so easy for me to read PMBOK second time. I felt really really bored when I was reading PMBOK first time.

The sample tests:

From the middle of 4th week to the middle of 5th week I did all the tests that I gathered from internet. Here are the results I got:

1) pmi - 91%
2) pmfinal - 92%
3) head first - 91%
4) joseph phillips - 82% 86.27%
5) pmmi - 72%
6) crosswind - 90%
7) oliverlehmann(175) -75%
8) oliver lehmann (75) - 72%
9) PRAXE -74%
12)pmptestpreview - 100%
14)prepcast -80%
15)pmstudy -70.3%
16)passpm -77%

Finally the day before the test I just gone through the PMBOK guide once again.. And really were not able to concentrate due to the excitement of the examination.. 

I was not at all confident that I will pass the exam. But my wife supported me and told me that she is 100% confident that I will pass the exam.. She has been supportive through out my preparation by taking care of kids. My parents were also supported a lot.

While preparing I created the abbreviations to remember all the tools and techniques and as soon as I started the exam, I wrote down all these tools and techniques. But as 85% of the questions are situational, I didn't really have to use these tools and techniques.

At the end of exam..... I am so scared to open my eyes and see the result and closed my eyes 
for few seconds. 

Finally I could able to see only the word Congratulations !

Mantra is: Do lots and lots of sample test to assess yourself and find the areas where you have to concentrate more...Doing tests will also boost your confidence..

All the best for the To Be PMPs.


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Hi Nag,

 Congratulations on passing the PMP and welcome to the elite club of polished PMsCool

The detailed lessons learnt that you have shared is sure to help aspirants. 

 All the best




Hi Nag

Congrats for passing PMP exam.

Thank You very much for sharing your learnt lessons, are really helpful for my upcoming PMP Exam which I have planned in March 09.


Harish Ahire