I passed the PMP exam on 15 Jan 2015.....

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I passed the PMP exam on 15 Jan 2015
Preparation Time: 6 months.
Materials used:
1) PMBOKGuideFifthEd - Read at least 3 times
2) Rita Mulcahy - 8ed - 2013 + Fast Track - Read at least 3 times
3) PMzilla 
Full length Practice Tests taken:
1) HeadFirst-200Q
2) Andy Crowe-200Q
3) Simplilearn (4 test) - 200Quest.  each one
4) PMStudy - 1 Free   
5) PMStudy - 3 Paid
6) PMP Exam - Oliver Lehman - Mobile version
7) PMP EXAM PREP - Mobile version
8)  PrepCast from Cornelius  EXAM SIMULATOR -  http://exam.pm-exam-simulator.com/ - in my case was very useful
Average Score 75-85 %
Apart for the above practice tests, I had also gone through Rita mulcahy book.
I practiced over 3000 questions during four months prior the exam. 
Each incorrect question I went back and reviewed it carefully.
min. 50 questions by day
For PMP aspirants:
- be positive
- I did not take a bootcamp
- Most question on the exam were very close to the ones I practiced.
- I used Richard Kraneis's method of "Treat each question like a jump ball. Read it, take the time to understand it and answer it, and move on."
- dont memorize ittos is a waste of time.
- MAX 2 direct questions about ittos
- tons of questions about changes
- 2 o 3 questions about tuckman. 
- 3 o 4  questions related to project charter
- a question about control limit
- questions about quality.  related to: plan, quality assurance.
- a lot of questions about risk
- questions about cpi and spi
- questions about contracts. choosing the best alternative they provide features....
- questions about close procedure. 
- 3 o 4 questions about Critical Path showing a diagram. Find total float, free flot
- questions to calculate PERT. they provide optimistic, pesimistic and most likely.
- 2 questions about comn. channel. very easy.
- Questions about ishikawa
- NO questions about PTA
- PMI Code of ethics -> NO questions
samples of questions
My first question:
1 if you have a technical issue and could you have an update of the risk register . Options as a manager:
- preventive action
- corrective action
- defect repair
- another one
2 what document do you update the methodology of the project?
-project charter
-project management plan
Whatever the exam is designed to pass if you understand the processes.
please focus reading from right to left processes of table 3.1 (pmbok page 61 understanding concepts). clarify the interpretations using your patterns and graphics.
every day repeating yourself.
practice with mock test. again and again and again....
thanks to Admin and pmzilla
Marcos Cifuentes, PMP
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Thanks Marcos and congratulations on your PMP

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Super congratulations on passing the PMP.

And super thanks for mentioning my YouTube video as helping you pass the PMP.  You watched my YouTube video "I knew I would pass the PMP test - Here's my Method."

The advice you liked the most was at 3 minutes and 14 seconds into the video where I said:

"Strange.  I just realized I focused on every test question as if I was fighting for a loose rebound in a basketball game (my favorite sport).  Every basketball bouncing off the rim was mine, every PMP question was mine."

Since I hate tests and have all my life, I changed my entire mind set in taking the PMP test.  I wasn't deliberate in taking the test, I was fiercely aggressive in answering every question.  Every question was a rebound "off the rim", and every PMP question was mine.

Marcos, I am proud to have helped you pass the PMP test in some small way.  Thanks for mentioning my YouTube video "I knew I would pass the PMP test - Here's my Method."  

Thanks for making my day Marcos.  Best wishes to everyone reading this forum on passing the PMP in 2015.

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA

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I just emailed all of my PMP student/customers encouraging them to visit PMZilla on a daily basis.  

PMP's and PMP students alike are grateful for this forum.

And congratulations again to Marcos on passing the PMP.

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA