How to prepare for PMI RMP

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With not much information available on its very difficult to start preparing for RMP. This is an attempt to compile some basic information.

1. Read the handbook released on 18th Mar 2011

2. Distribution of questions 

I. Risk Communication 27%
II. Risk Analysis 30%
III. Risk Response Planning 26%
IV. Risk Governance 17%

3. Study materials

  1. The Practice Standard for Project Risk Management

  2. Better to read PMBoK Once, if not atleast the ITTO for Cost and Scope Knowledge Areas

  3. Read Risk Knowledge Area from PMBOK 4th Edition

Additional good reads.

  1. Chapters from "Practical Project Risk Management: The ATOM Methodology" by David Hillson and Peter Simon

  2. Rita Mulcahy's Risk management Chapter from her PMP Exam prep , 6th / 5th Edition.

 You don't need to wait for a book dedicated to this exam - just read the chapter in the one of the PMP preparation books,

4. What you should know

  1.  What happens in risk management life cycle.

  2.  Be familiar with the general calculations that are attached to risk management.

  3.  Be familiar with the communication, leadership, and management theories, since they impact and influence risk management.

  4. Know the organizational structures.

  5. Understand the other basics of project management.  PMPs will have an edge here as they would already know PMBoK topics.

  6. EV calculations. know the formulas of CV,PV,SPI,CPI,ETC. Check this page -- Formulas / Math for PMP

  7. Know how to calculate EMV, decision tree.

  8. Different risk response strategies.

5. About the test

  1. Similar to PMP by context however the questions are dedicated to risk.

  2. Exam will have questions on forumlas and calculations like EV.

  3. There are questions from different chapters like communication, integration; cost and time - so read them too.


Let me share my preparation for my RMP which might be useful for RMP aspirants.

I have used the following materials for my RMP exam.

1) The practise STD for Risk from PMI
2) PMBoK

3) Rita, Risk Management book

4) Read wherever Risk related portions

Regarding questions,

When I bought Rita's book, there are 75 questions came along with the book.

From Rita website, i found some more free questions.

From, there are some more free questions available.

Other internet soruces, where I found risk related questions.

What I learned after I cleared  RMP exam questions,

Reading PMBoK thorougly without leaving any knowledge area from Risk perspective is really helpful.

There are some math questions (only few) on EV topics.

Questions from procurement as well as on Quality theories surprised me as well,but being already cleared PMP,

this doesn't pose me any issue.



 This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hopefully this will help many RMP Aspirants




Thanks for sharing your experience about RMP. It's helpful for me!


Appreciate it.


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Congratulations on your RMP certification and thanks for sharing your LL here. Considering there are very few posting on RMP, this will be of great help.



hi i need PMI exam latest questions can someone share study material for exam preparation

Read this article to know more about how to prepare for PMI-RMP certification exam:

Good Luck!

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