Is PMP certification is good??

Hi All,


Would like to ask is PMP certification is beneficial for call center employees?  

That's what my former supervisor and friend Alan told me during the last 2 years of our working together; the last of which he obtained his PMP cert.  I witnessed him receiving emails on a daily basis for job offers and he wasn't actively looking for work.

I was laid off last March and he gave me this piece of advice: G, if you can afford to hold off looking for a job for 3 months then I would advise you to finish studying for your PMP cert [I had started studying prior to the layoff], pass the test and then look for a job.  I took his advise and within a within a week of obtaining my cert I had a job.  More importantly though, once I had updated my resume with my PMP designation I was no longer looking for jobs because my inbox was being flooded with offers.

Please note, he and I also have some unique skill sets from within a traditionally anti-IT/PM environment but I can truly say that his advise was on point.