Serious problem - I failed my PMP at my 2nd attempt today. Please help,

Hi All,

I got serious problem here. Maybe i am really nerd for PMP examination.

I failed PMP at my 2nd attempt today. I am so upset.

I need serious advise from all the PMPs here.

Please help !

List the materials, time that you spent and simulators.. let´s try help you.

see ya. 

These are the materials i used.

1) PMbok (study and understand once)

2) Rita book (study and understand twice)

3) Test simulator from testking (98% correct)


I got all below proficient at my 1st and 2nd attempt. I am really lost and upset.

I am really dumb in PMP

Calm down my friend, i just passed in 2nd attempt.

In my point of view you need relax and try use the pmbok and other materials to study, but always using pmbok.

Like in my first attempt that i failed, i just read Rita and use fastrack and failed with 3 belows.

Pmbok you need read this at least 2x and understand every line and word, i read 3x before my 2nd attempt.

So, let´s try a plan..

1 - Choose a book to read, like Rita, Head First or Andy crowes.. i choose Rita and Head to figure out ideas differentes from the formal language that is used in pmbok, i saw that many person use andrew to pass in the exam.. search for one that you like.

2 - After read paralel material, read pmbok with summary.

3 - choose a test exam in the web, here in pmzilla you can find, and try like 30-40 questions in each area to test your knowledge, check every answer and make your notes, here in pmzilla you can find notes that had helped many person.

4 - Read pmbok again and after that try a pmp test exam, like pmstudy.

My plan was like this one, a just read 1 more time pmbok with head first, and always taking notes in pmbok from rita and head first books.. when i was in the internet looking for something i just take note in the pmbok in the same process paga or tool.. 

Well, make your way, you need use test exam in the web to know that you are read.

the time that you get in almost exam around 75-80% you are read.. ( i did in this way)

Head First 70% 200
PMP Rita 80% 198
Knowledge areas Rita 75% 550
Knowledge areas Rita 80% 220  0  0
Oliver  64% 78
Oliver   0  0
Kim Heldman 72% 70
PmStudy  0  0
Test king  0  0  0  0
Andy Crowe's 82% 200

good luck and relax for some days my friend.


Thanks alot fishman.

Will take your advise for my last attempt.

I am still recovering from upset and dissapointment. I admit i am really dumb. Therefore i need the best and effective way to score pmp.

Sad sad sad...

Calm down, take a break and start study again...

I believe thath now you can identify the gaps in you knowledge and skills.

The positive factor is that you have "touched" the real exam questions style and you can try convet it into  advantage!

On that basis you can prepare a new study plan.

Good luck!!!

I am a PMP and also Psychology researcher, my observation is that overstudy and unhealthy mind is a major cause of failing in PMP exam than understudy.

  • Do not look in different advices i.e. different books, different questions, different thoughts. Every people might give different tips and you as a single individual cannot accept thousand of tips.
  • PMI does not revel its question and answer. Even PMP person like me do not really know what I answered correct and passed. In short, there is no way you can trust any information from anyone except the PMBoK.
  • PMP has clearly stated that their questions are also impacted by psychometric analysis. Use your project management experience, try to visualise things. Link inputs, tools & Tech and Output of all process group and relate it to some real life experiences.
  • Before you start giving PMP exam next time, be ready to accept a failure. This helps you to relax and be cool as a failed person has nothing to loose. Keep in mind PMP is a paid exam, even if you fail you have option to pay and try again. Failing in PMP is not the end of life.

Hope this helps! Cheers!

Appreciate your advise (dkowalski and PMP_man)

I will take a break before my 3rd attempt.

Having phobia to re-attempt pmp at the moment.

I am really envy for those who pass pmp in their 1st attempt.

Thanks guys !


If you get all below proficient in two attempts you should just move on with your career.

It is not for everybody, and that's ok.

as many others already addressed the fact you have not passed twice could have differ reasons. By the way, I am preparing the exam too and honestly, I was thinking to make this faster but no, the study material is requesting (at least me personally) lot of effort. Knowing my situation and background ( I am project procurement manager with 12j experience) I can say, once through the PMBOK/Rita would not bring me to pass the exam. Too tricky to serious !! Just say that englisch is not my native language which make things some more difficult too. Do not know you.!?

Thus, ask yourself what project management background do you really have? are you a proven manager with many years experience or are you, similar to me, a project manager for a certain category thus procurement, budget/controlling or any else. Are you executive or not means also other teams dependent to your request/approach or not (e.g. in procuremnt if I do not drive/delegate the technical and engineering team, at least while the procurement process, procurement will not bring the results it should be) ? This fact changes things immensly.

The first time I am gone trough the pmbok I ask myself " do I really want, what to hell is all that tings they want to address, a nightmare....." But yes, I want it, I want to gain the pmp titel but without pressure since having it in 1 month or in 6 in such a short timeframe that would not really have a big impact vs today. Maybe the same with you? give you time and, let me say this, 2time failed it sounds to me like a clear signal: you have a good overview but not REALLY the details.

All the best



 Try this

  • Read PMBOK once again, atleast two or three times,
  • Read head first pmp,
  • Google every term that you did not understand, it will help you,
  • type pmp study materials on internet and navigate through various sites....
  • is very good one,
  • is also good to study.
  • do not try to solve many questions unless you studied really hard.
  • make short notes and keep with you....especially for formulas...


best of luck.




Please email me

i can case you tips  

MY friend i failed the PMP the first time and cleared it the second time. What was misssing was i did not memorize my ITTO. Also the concepts were not clear. The second time i took the test a lot was changed. I understood the ITTO and the flow of the information in them. Also PMBOK was making sense to me and that was the indication that i am ready for the test. I took the rita simulator for 2 purpose. 1st to time my self for 4 hours of sitting and 2nd understand the nature of the question and how they were asking the questions. DO not be dishearted. Keep reading rita book and work on your ITTO. Know WHERE WHY and HOW the information is moving among the ITTO. When PMBOK start making sense this is a sign that you are ready. I also read andy crowe book and PMP in depth both books are good reference.


maybe tray to read kim heldman PMP handbook? it's organized by initiating, planing, executing etc. I read this book twice, and questions regard for example EVM was easy for me in the real exam.

Rita book does'tn fit for me well, some areas are very short and weak's just mine own opinion...

2 mock test (PMP4sure - free, PMstudy) shows your level, if you score for example 70 and above in PMpforsure, you are on the track :)


good luck