Passed PMP exam on 27 October

 Hi all,

I have passed PMP exam successfully on Oct 27th.

Since there were so many who felt it was hard, i wanted to share my experience as I thought the exam was easy. It was certainly easier than Rita's, Lehmann's or Farndale's....

I took only 2 1.2 hrs to complete the entire exam completely and then started to review all.

But could not concentrate properly since i got very hungry. Most important to have some quick bites during the exam. The exam was definitely worth scoring all P's. There were no major RDS based questions came across.

It is possible to pass PMP exam provided having good understaning on all processes.

Good luck to all taking exam




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Congratulations Ramesh on your PMP. Thanks for posting here


Could you please share with us your Proficient results and with book used.


 I got the following proficency level:

Initiating: MP

Planning: P

Execution: P


Closing: P

But the exam was worth all P's, and i have only myself to blame for trying for it. Since it did not matter how much i scored so far as i passed i did not care. But, it would have been self satifying to have got all Ps after going through much pain.

My books:

1) Rita - how i love to hate you. Rita is the reason i got such good understanding and confidence

2) PMBOK - had to read it, after i found that there were some mock questions that i was not able to answer.

I was thorough with page 42 of PMBOK. Did not memorize ITTO, but i could relate mostly.

Tried may be near 3000 or more questions. But its waste, its not necessary. Its the quality of questions matter not the quantity. But the exams test your patience more than knowledge.

The following i consider good quality stuff:

Rita's questions (almost i thought i saw couple of similar ones there)

Lehmann's (its tough and some are out of context of PMBOK)

Farndales guide for CAPM/PMP aspirants - good one ( a definite read and also has 260 odd questions which are lengthier than original exam.

Most important: Take some quick snack with you. i made this mistake of having with me, and could not concentrate after 3 hrs. I wanted to finish and go sooner because of this. I did not do review properly.

In general, the exam seemed easier than that of Rita's. I did not use scratch paper or the initial 15 mins for familiarizing. I was anxious to get to the exam. Hope this answers your question.

I just want to encourage people that its possible to pass and you can do it. Its not that tough.




Many tnks.

i´m going to try my 2nd turn.. in the first one i didnt pass, read Rita twice and FAIL.

Now i´m reading Head First 1x to get another vision, PMBOK 2x and Rita 1x.. with the questions that the PMPs opine.

see ya.


I'm very sorry to hear that.

I wish you luck that you pass next time. Please do try to know where did you miss, so that you can concentrate on that.

I actually read Rita 4 times. First time like story and another 2 times much seriously. By then i got understanding. I was fortunate to get some free time and less work that time. I read Rita and PMBOK again after some break just some days before exam.

Most importantly i did not do anything 3 days into the exam and relaxed well. I did not bother about if i could pass, as i would have got panicked. It seems to be a blessing in disguise that i did not read anything these 3 days, even my modem gone bust so i could not be online. It helped on the day of the exam i was very relaxed.


i was totally relax, cause i had many tests with microsoft certifications, i made around 10 exams in prometric.. :-)

i´m reading everthing again, cause i didnt understand many process.. but i think that the translate from english to my language(portuguese) was horrible.. i´m going to check this as soon as possible.

Did you have any problem with EVs question? i couldnt asnwer exam question with Rita examples and definitons. i dont know why..

any tnks.again



There were not that tough questions on EV calculations in the exam.

But i was thorough with all such formuale from Rita's book.

Even for me English second language, and some questions in the exam are bit difficult to understand what it  means. I knew i could pass, for i had prepared hard. But did not expect the ease with which i made it. It was surprising.

you are most welcome. all the best


 Hi Ramesh. Congrates. I failed the exam on 26 Aug this year. I tried Rita and PMBOK. This time preparation is going on. 

Which center you appeared ? Are you from bangalore ? Can you give your mail and mobile number pls so that I can clerify some of my doubts with you?




Hi Manoj

Very sorry to hear that. Wish you luck coming exam.

I did it from chennai.

My mail id: I will try to help what i can.



Hey Manoj.. let´s try discuss and clerify all the things here... please...

if possible, share with us your experience.. materials and all the stuffs that you used to study.. about you Proficienty level.

many tnks.


Do try Farndale's guide. Its good stuff and it has 262 questions to check your understanding based on Konwledge area.

its available at deepfriedbrain site as well at



firstly congrats, sounds really easy from your perspective, maybe you have Eidetic memory or above average IQ, Some people say that you must try at least 3000 Q&A, but your post said that you tried just 300, how many do you think is enough?


I did not say i only tried 300!!!

pm fastrack alone has near 1500 or which i might have tried 1000+

I kept doing 1/2 exams on daily basis, just to keep in touch. So i might have tried near 3000 - 4000 questions in all. Still had 5500 question from the REP, which i did not do because the quality was bad.

I dont beleive the quantity matters, bu the quality should. 

Aim of trying many exams is to:

(1) To test your knowledge and memory

(2) To learn your mistakes, or anything that you might have overlooked

(3) Testing your patience to sit for so many hours for the exam!

I dont think i'm an expert or in any way extraordinary!!! There was a time i thought i can not do this exam and pass it. In general i'm faster, in doing things but it has disadvantage of resulting in mistakes.

The very reason to post here is to encourage people that if i can do it, anyone can! Its surely doable!