Mike Griffith

I have created pdfs out of Mike Griffith's "PMI-ACP exam Prep.." for the chapters which are not available at RMC website in soft form. I am just copying the book for future refernce as I have to return the book. I am planning to appear for the ceritfication later in the year. Right now I am just copying the text and some diagrams. I am skipping the exercises, some complicated diagrams and the questions/answers (at the end of the chapter.) for the time being. If you want it in the present form do let me know. Free of cost.

I would like to appear PMI ACP exam. Can you please send PMI-ACP Exam prep by Mike Griffith's e-book to dglrmj@yahoo.com

Thanks a lot for your help!

please Share me the copy to saranglonkar@gmail.com

thanks in advance.

I'm also preparing for the exam, can you please share the pdf for second Edition? If is not available please send the previous one.

My e-mail:

Thank you in advance.

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