Is self-study enough to clear PMP ?

Hello Everyone,

I am planning to get PMP certification.

I need to know if self study is enough to crack PMP or attending a 4-day class is a real booster in preparation?

There are options of online-video and live online classes but I prefer attending the walk-in classes.

Also by self-study, I mean reading PMBOK, solving questions, using simulators, and giving tests online.



Hi Gupta,

There is no general answer to this question. Because it's completely depends on their own preferences. I can Suggest you Greycampus for this.

GreyCampus’s training helps professionals gain adequate knowledge to pass the PMP examination in the first attempt. Multiple learning pedagogies including simulated exams, instructor-led classes, video presentations, flash cards are used in the training, which helps learners learn by doing, listening, reading, and visualizing.

Click here for for more details on PMP Training - Instructor Led

You must know what is in the course. That is your top proirity.

Read this: How to Prepare for the PMP Exam Part 4: Essential StudyMaterials 
There are a great number of websites out there with really helpful content and you probably already know about them or you will with a simple google search. So, I will try to tell you about something else.
You see, you can have all the books and material you want, but when you sit to study alone, it can get a little exasperating. There are always some things that just can’t get in your head. These need a different person to see differently. And, make you understand. 
You need to be a part of a group, a community. You can always post your problems on websites like PM Zilla but you will feel the need for a studygroup. A study group motivates you and isn't all that difficult to find with websites like StudyPal.

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Hi Vipin

As others have explained, this is really a personal choice depending on what suits you best. There are many aspirants who can get through the exam with a good solid self-study plan. While there are others who require the push and the routine schedule to get through it.

I would say try and self evaluate. Try to maybe read a few chapters, on your own, page by page and attempt a few questions from that chapter. Try that for maybe 2 chapters and see if it's something you are comfortable with.

If you are, then it would really save you the time to follow a strict outbound schedule. You can instead focus on self studying by setting up your own preferred routine and schedule.

You can check out some of the resources available here to see if this can help you self-evaluate before you decide what's best for you. You can also refer to this detailed and well summarized blog post:

Hope that helps!

Good luck! 


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Hi Vipin, 

You need 35 contact hours from REP to apply for PMP.  Hence its important that you take a classroom training . other option is to go for online training like PM Prepcast or from Simplilearn. 

If you are prepared  you can ask questions in your classroom training to clarify your doubts.



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There are many study plans. It’s important you to choose the best learning style to keep the focus on your attention. Time management is an essential factor for self-study. You can divide your study time for planning, participating in study groups and discussion forums, taking a mockup test etc.

You can pass by doing self study, but it is not recommended. You should attend a formal training program. You can go to PMP blog and download free PMP Exam Prep guide.  This guide gives complete information about PMP Exam. It will tell you about classroom training and online training. It will also tell why training is important and why self-study is not recommended.

The guide also talks about:

  • Eligibility Criteria for PMP Exam
  • Pros & cons of different modes of training
  • A good PMP exam preparation schedule
  • Best study material for the exam prep

Good luck.


You should visit the following link and download free PMP Exam Prep guide:

How To Get PMP Certification - Download Free Guide

This guide will answer your Q about self study in detail. It gives complete information about the PMP Exam, including:

* Eligibility Criteria for the PMP Exam
* Pros & cons of different modes of training
* Study approach to pass the exam in first attempt
* Suggested PMP exam preparation schedule
* Recommended study material for the exam prep

Good luck.

Hi , 

Yes, the self-study only can make you pass your PMP certification but apart from study material you are using you have to study from the labs too. While I was preparing for my PMPv6 I followed the uCertify Online PMP course and Labs.


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Yes you can prepare and pass the PMP certification exam on your own with the help of self-learning material with simulation tests provided by leading training institutes like MSys Training. However, the 4-day bootcamp or instructor led online trainings boost you with the confidence to pass the exam in first attempt.

It's subjective. For some people self study is enough for some it is not. Some people like to attend classroom training (4-day bootcamp format is quite popular across the world) to prepare for the same. If you read the PMBOK thoroughly (Rita's book is a plus, but not mandatory), and take a good quality online course (which will also provide you the necessary contact hours) with lots of high quality mock tests, you should be good to take the PMP exam. I would always suggest PMstudy online course through their partner Encertify for any PMP aspirants. This course is rated by many as the best online course on PMP preparation. Check it out.

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It is a personal choice. It differs from person to person.
But you need to get 35 PDUs from a training institute.
There are two options
1. Classroom Training
2.Online Training.
Here is an article for you to choose which is better for you.
Click here: