Mock Exam Scores - Please help?


I am really trying to determine if I should postpone my test date, which is coming up in a week. Here are my scores so far...

Oliver's 75 - 77%

Oliver's 175 - 75%

PMzest 2 - 67%

PMStudy - 85%

I think the PMzest was disheartening, but I have read that others have not done so well on those mock exams due to the grammar. Any advice would be much appreciated. I do plan to take another practice exam tomorrow, and hopefully that is better.

I do not see any reason to get de-motivated. I passed PMP exam some 3 weeks before and my scores in the same mock tests that you took were fairly less:
PMStudy Free 76%
PMZest – 02 (200Q) 64%
Oliver's 75 Free PMP 64%

I passed my PMP exam with 3P and 2MP and if I see your preparations you stand better than me. Different providers have different complexity level and hence you see variations in results. Treat mock test like a practice exam only, honestly none of the mock test are close to the actual PMP exam. Just continue your preparation and I am sure you will pass with flying colors.

Best of luck for the PMP exam.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

I am ins ame my scores are as below:

Rita averaging 75%

Oliver 175- 72% that too I took 4 hrs complete instead of 3:30 hrs.

pmzilla even less 54% in set 3 and qts set 1 60% only.

now I am confused should i take more  mocks or continue PMBOK PMBOK PMBOK........

Also can you recommend me full length quality mocks exams with timing?




Hey Dipti,

You have secured 75% in Rita which is on excellent side, same with Oliver with 72%. There two are among tough exam and anything around 65% is a good score. PMzilla is also a tough test and as I see here from people using it and admin commenting on it, you are almost close what is expected from it.

You can read PMBOK and take good tests daily. You may try Pmzest as I found it the most valuable and on tougher side, it’s a must try. You can even try Pmstudy, although I anticipate you will score high in this. Kim is another test you can try.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

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considering your scores, I will advise you to buy PMZilla Qs.  You seem to be doing well PMzest I cannot comment. 

Based my experience, I felt PMZEST questions are closer to actual pmp exam questions. So based on your scores, you seem to be in good position. If I were you, I would just concentrate in the areas where I'm losing my marks/questions and brush those topics again.

Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback. I will be taking a couple more mock exams, probably Exam Central and another PMzest and see how those go.

Hi Mark,

I would like to share PMP Android App here, which is developed by GreyCampus. The slides will help you a lot in your last minute preparation. Download the App now and enjoy your study. All the Best.

Hi Mark,

I would like to share Free Downloadables for PMP Preparation. This link contains PMP practice questions, Flashcards, PMP toolkit and Mock Test etc...!
This was so helpful to your preparation and you can check your skills yourself by using these free resources. Hope it helps you.
-Melissa James


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Just go for the exam.

Read Once PMBOK once word by word.

Be cool


Md Javeed,PMP

Yes you are ready to go, but do work on your weak areas very seriously, don't leave even a single topic resulting in a non -scoring area for you.


All the very best!!


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I was throwing out the same scores on practice tests immediately prior (including the night before my exam). I passed the exam with four Ps and one MP.

Want to hear a secret?  (And I might get some flack for this)...  When I wrote the exam, I acutally planned to fail one time.  There were too many factors that were uncertain and I had heard a lot of horror stories about colleagues freaking out to the point of vomitting prior to taking the test.  So I told myself that I wouldn't count on passing the first time.  I allowed myself plenty of time to re-write if I had to prior to my window expiring.  Don't get me wrong - I studied my ass off for five months prior to writing.  But just allowing myself to accept the possibility of a re-write was enough to relieve some of the pressure to allow me to succeed without dwelling on it.

Hope that makes sense.  Remember - answer with what PMI wants to hear.  If you put in the time - you're good to go.

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I found Heads First PMP the best resource to explain things simply... 

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