Direct and Manage / Monitor and Control

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I recently had a question in a practice test that gave both 'Direct and Manage Project Execution' and 'Monitor and Control Project Work' as potential answers.

Although they apply to seperate process groups they seem very similar. Is anyone aware of any key differences that I may have missed that will help differentiate between them.

Project work is about Project Performance monitoring.

Project Execution is about project workexecution and  tracking .

Thanks for your input.

I think the terminology is confusing. What is the difference between monitoring (project work) and tracking (project excecution).

Project cycle is iterative so it depends upon the situation also. Please share the situation that you read.

The question was about corrective actions to the Project Management Plan and asked about likely process groups.

2 of the possible answers could be immediatley discounted but I could not decide between Direct and Manage or Monitor and Contol. I read up on both but was struggling to identify and significant differences. They both seem to allow for corrective action.

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I have the same question but I cannot read your replies. Could you please share the answer with me?

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                      I have the same issue, I first thought it was only for me. I even asked the admin, but have not heard back so far. I can read the main question, but all other replies i cant, surprising that I can see yours.

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Yes, me2,

I just saw first line of each answer.

I wonder do i have to pay being preimun account to see full answer?

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As Objectives (Outputs) are different ,so they placed in diffrent process groups and naturally inputs are different


Direct and Manage Project Execution-output-emphasize on execution

1.Project deliverables 2. Work Performance Information 3. Change Request 4. PM plan updates 5. project document updates


Monitor and Control Project Work-Output

1. Change Request 2.  PM Plan updates  3. Project document updates


So Inputs are different  also.

Direct and Manage Project Execution-Input

1.PM plan 2. Approved change Request 3. Enterprize Environmental Factors 4. Organizational Process Assets

Monitor and control project work-Input

1. Performance Reports 2. PM Plan 3. Ent. Env. Factors 4. Org. Process Assets .



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