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The activity “Ship Container” in your network diagram has an earlystart of day 17, a late start of day 22 and a late finish of day 37. What is the activity duration?

A.) 15 days

B.) 16 days

C.) 59 days

D.) 14 days

Ans given as B. I thought it shoud be A)

I thought duration formula is LF-LS, but they are using LF-LS+1.

can anyone explain?

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The correct way to go about this is by using LF-LS = 15. A.

 yes..that's what my understanding is. but ans is given as B. not sure when to use 2nd formula as well.

any idea?

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Somewhere, on some wesbite, I read that PMI's way of doing things is to NOT add the plus 1.

I think it was on deepfriedbrain and the author also had an official link to the PMI publication that reflected the same.

Both the formulas are correct.
You can refer to the following link which explains how to answer the question Activity Duration
If this a complete question the this is a very poorly formed question. The question should have the network diagram. You can also refer to this article for more information on Project Network Diagram