Failed in pmp exam 7/2/2016

Greetings people,

i failed in pmp exam today, obviously not feeling good about the result.

i took the training classes more than a year and half before, then i couldn't continue preparation for several reasons. In dec 2015 i started preparation.

i read PMBOK 5th edition & Rita 8th edition almost 3 times.

then mock test, here i was not scoring more than 65%.several full mock test i took.

well the exam day came, 

Exam was not that much tough as i was expecting.

but at the end the result was not in my favour.

concepts were very clear to me. and i was confident.

now i don't know how to fill the gap.

whether i should focus on books study or more focus on mock test.

need guiding words form the subject matter experts.

Thanks alot



Hi Noman

I feel sorry to hear for you. I think you have made a lesson learnt and I am sure you will not do a mistake to take PMP exam on a lighter side. PMP exam is not an exam exam and you need to have good grasp knowledge and practices. I also passed PMP exam some 10 months back and my success mantra was:
Books: PMBOK, Headfirst and EdWel
Mock Tests: Oliver, PMZest, PmZilla  and Christopher Scordo

If you have time, please read my LL posted here and I do mention here importance of taking tough tests which are complex in nature:

Good luck for the exam and I am sure you will make it out this time.

Rohit, PMP


Thank you for your encouraging words & sharing leson learned.



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Hi Noman,

I had also attempt PMP exam on Feb 7th and did not pass the exam. It was my second attempt after 2 month of hard work. I had went through Saket's Video (great help by him), Exam central test (results were all 70% above). Rita's book individual test and Oliver mock test. 

I am very upset the way I got my result. 2Moderate and 3BP. I am not 100% buy into test result. 

I totally lose my confidence on me. PMP exam do not tell score in more transparent way. I may not try again as it seems too much time and money waste for PMI institute. I had spent decent amount of time to understand all fundamentals and mock test but highly disappointed by Prometric/PMP exam result. 



Do not get dishearten my friend. You still have once chance left to try. I vouch on the advice from Rohit, follow that if that suits you.

Inderjeet, PMP

Hi dear,

The same feelings i have for PMI, they do not tell the exact result.

well move forward now, you still have 1 chance remaining, utilize it.

i am also going to do the same, soon i'll appear again in the test.

Hope this time dream will come true, otherwise i'll say bye bye to PMP..!


Take care & best of luck






Hi there

Sorry to hear that you didn't pass. But there is always the chance to sit the exam again and pass. You should be aiming to score around 70-80% in practice exams before sitting the exam again. You can practice the questions provided by Pmzilla, Simplilearn, or access other study material from our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' which is a quick reference guide to learn, revise, and enhance your knowledge as it is based on PMBOK 5th edition. You can revise your knowledge with 688 flashcards and 1200 questions with explanations. In adition to the PMBOK content, we also provide 151 tips so you can learn from the experiences of experts and increase your chances of being successful in the exam. The free app is available on all platforms and you download it with the links provided below

Good luck with your studies

Hi Noman,

Project Management Professional (PMP) is not an easy exam to attempt. Lasting for 4 hours, it has 200 multiple choice questions, of which one has to answer at least 106 correctly to qualify. The exam is designed to be extremely difficult so that only the best candidates can get the certification. This is the reason why PMP holds immense value and its certificate holders get paid handsomely. 

I would like to share an article about How to Cope With Failure in PMP Examination. Hope it helps you.

Don't worry. You will have better luck next time. You should start with determining what happened the first time. You should find out the root cause. This post will help you in finding the root cause - "15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam"

Next, work on your weak areas and make a preparation strategy.

All the best.


First of all I too feel very bad regarding the result because one of my friend also had the same problem he was really very confident about the exam but at the end he too failed.

But as of the things keep going on he tried for one more chance, And now he enquired about certain training institutes who give out the out and out content on PMP. As he was staying in chennai he made in and around research of almost all the institues who provide PMP Certification in Chennai finally he landed at AADS Education Institute, Really they have given out and out content on PMP finally he cleared his exam and he is happy for it. I hope this helps you to some extent. GoodLuck  

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I'm so sorry to hear such a bad news from you. I would like to suggest you top PMP books

1. PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition.
2. Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep, 8th Edition.
3. The Velociteach All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Kit.
4. McGraw-Hill's PMP Project Management Professional Exam.
5. Head First PMP.
And best PMP institution in Hyderabad is ProventuresIndia. For more details visit: