Passed PMP May 2nd 2016

Since i used this post for reference and tips, i feel i am obligated to post my exam tips

Key Tips

Questions are situational so PMBOK or Rita or whaever makes no difference from exam point of view, Use 1 BOOK and stick to it.

Don't pay too much time to stuff outside PMBOK (EV, Other formulas, Motivation Theories, Quality Gurus, probability distribution), There were few basic questions. Those were easy

Always use PERT (use triangular when explicitely specified). The answer choices will have both PERT and Triangular avg. CAREFUL !!

Writing math formulas (for 2-3% returns and which you likely remember) on Scratch paper is useless. use 15 mins to write the below instead (for upto 25% returns)  ..

EXAMPLES of STRATEGIES for positive and negative risks,  Conflict management, Basic Quality tools, Quality management & control tools, Group creativity techniques, examples of Org process assets and EEF

Create your own mind maps for RISK, STAKEHOLDER, HR, PROCUREMENT, CLOSURE process. This will give you  60% returns for e.g in CLOSURE you have 3 scenarios 1) Project completed successfully and well received 2) Project cancelled 3) Project completed but customer was not satisfied. So in thes 3 cases what are the closure activities.

You are not satisfied with VENDOR's work or supplied materials, what would you do. You finished bidder conference and shortlisted 2 what is the next step.  You reject deliverables from vendor and ask for rework so what does Vendor's PM need to refer to to confirm. In short, Jot down the scenarios and the PM action.

Likewise, you notice stakeholder is not cooperative in meetings or stays quiet in meetings. You receive changes from new / previous unidentified stakeholders.  In Short, jot down the scenarios

HR vs Staffing,  team members are not mativ.ated or they have a conflict Fastest way to resolve a conflict and the best way. Team member comes late, does not participate in meetings etc. Get the scenarios right.

team comes and tells you that scope cost or schedule is not accurate. They need more time for rework. Deadline is fast approaching, Sponsor / Client are concerned etc.

By now you get the idea,

MOST IMPORTANTLY. TAKE ATLEAST 10-12 MOCK EXAMS ON DAYS LEADING TO EXAM. It will help you adapt from reading words / sentences in questions to reading the question as a image. Your mind will be sharp for the exam and since your body will be adjusted to 4 hr test taking you will not loose focus

I used : PMBOK, PM-EXAM-SIMULATOR (8 exams ignore the ITTO one) , YOUTUBE (Check mainline concept from PRAIZION media) and an employer driven test simulator (2 exams)

You will do well. Good luck and hope my tip helps. Remember PMI is constantly evolving to so old school of thought does not apply.





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Awesome. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Congratultions. Awesome tip. I'm scheduled to appear in 20 days, and i'm acting on every word you typed.