Passed PMP Exam 22-March-2016 LL


i Passed my PMP Exam on 22th of March-2016, and because i was taking lessons learned from this forum i should in return give the LL so others may benefit from my experience.



my preperation was only to stick to PMbok and do as many exam questions as i can,  and if i get some difficult concept, i go to Youtube and watch 2-3 vidoes about the concept till i make a clear understanding:

so, PMbok chapter by Chapter, do exams per chapter, watch videos for hard concepts, "should read PMBOK chapter word by word"

after that, read the PMBOK completely once and do only Full Exams for all chapters-Real Exams, this was my preperations, i didnt study Rita Book nor Headfirst, only PMBOK

also, I was watching pmzilla carefully for lessons learned.

and i did only Pmzest Exams, as i found them the toughest, i scored in the 1st exam 48%, the second 63%, then 65% - 72%. each time i find a GAP, i go back to PMBOK and fill that GAP. when you get continously 70% and above from PMzest, it is a good indicator that you can do the exam,

and I thank Mr. Anmol from PMzest for his tips on livechat and whatsapp. he motivated me and kept on watching my progress.


The Exam:

the exam was unique from the LL i got on pmzilla, it was totally different and tough as below:

1. i didnt get any question asking me to do any kind of calculations, i studied hard for all formulas, but i didnt use anyone of them during the exam, maybe on questions is asking about the PERT formula, even no questions on EAC, ETC, PTA, VAC or Communications Channels.

2.  only 8-10 direct questions (easy)

3. 99% of the questions was situational asking about what to do next? in which document i need to go to verify?, what must be done before to prevent this?

4. few questions on procurement contract types, risk response strategies, conflict resolution techniques and Quality 7 tools

5. majority of the questions were talking about Risk in General and Quality and Scope.

6. didnt get any question on network diagrams, or questions asking to do forward or backward pass, total float or free float.


My Advice:

do only tough tests, focus on each document in the PMBOK and what each document contains, what the OPA containts and what the EEF containts. Example, if i missed sending a report to some stakeholder, should i go back to Stakeholder Management Plan OR communications Management Plan?

focus on the inputs of the project Charter, and the concept between Control Quality and Validate Scope

focus on how to handle defect deliverables and where should you go to know the reasons that leaded to this defect and how to handle the defect.

too much questions asking about the STEPs of the change request

many questions showing EV, PV and AC, and asking whether the project is behind or ahead of schedule

lastly, focus on the tools/techniques for Collect Requirements, Plan Quality Assurance, Control Quality, Identify Risks, Perfrom Qualitative/Quantitave Risks and Control Procurement.

again, know what each documents/report/file contains? EX: what documents the schedule data has? OR the risk apetite of organizations are inside OPA or EEF?


hope this will help you prepare and pass for the PMP Exam.





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Congratulations and THanks for sharing this insight.

surprized to hear that your exam was so different. 

Many congratulations for your success, Tabaza. Good writeup.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit, PMP