Need PMP Exam Questions filtered by Knowledge Area


Is there any sample quesitons online or PDF that i can practice each knowledge area seperately?

I m using ExamCentral but i need more. 

Please assist thanks


Hey dude, Rita FT do have such feature. Did you try that?


Thanks TOM, RITA is expensive is there an alteranaftive?

Absolutely, and for the same reason I do not have Rita FT. I am not aware of other sources either. My exam is scheduled for next week and I am looking for Mock tests and not really questions under specific knowledge area.

Try 'Greycell PMP' in android and windows store.. good questions one can practice on the move.


I've just got my PMP certification and i've prepare it using this PMP exam

I hope that can help you.

Highly recommen for PMP Exam preparation. Totally free and with no registration required.

Try it at


Thanks nandita, this is suffecient :) 

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I try to check PMZilla every couple of days to see if I can help in some way...

...why do you want to "test by knowledge area"?  It's a bad idea.  The PMP test grades you by process group NOT knowledge area.  

PMBOK 5 presents its material by Knowledge Area.  And that method is followed by Sohel Akhter, Rita, Heldman, etc.  I encourage you to study/learn by Knowledge Area.

But when it comes to testing, I encourage my PMP Test Prep clients and others to practice test by Process Group.

KEY CONCEPT:  The PMP test grades you by process group NOT knowledge area.  So why not build your test proficiency, process group by process group?  Make sense.

Best Wishes on Passing the PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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That actually answered my question in mind as its nice to understand from you that Practice by KA and do a final test by process group.


Thanks so much as I was in a loop from where to start.....




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I am glad if my advice helped you.

Since PMBOK itself and most complementary books are arranged by Knowledge Area, the PMP is taught by Knowledge Area.  So read and take notes by Knowledge Area.

But PMI grades you by Process Group so it makes sense to build competence by Process Group.  Take practice exams that can help you focus on building your test competence by Process Group.

Best Wishes,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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Dear Naseer


go for the following link



I cannot agree with the comments that the Rita Mulchay Test Bank is expensive.

It is less than half the cost of having to retake the PMP Exam

Ritas is expensive, and I dont think for passing the exam you need that. But if your goal is to have gaining knowledge, then this is good. 


Hi Mark,

I would like to share Free Resources for PMP Preparation. This link contains Practice tests, Flash Cards, ToolKits and PDU Calculator. All these resources are free and downlodable.

Hope it helps you.

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Here are just some more free ressources:

FREE PMP Ressources: ☛

Have fun!

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I am not aware of any reliable free source that offeres complete KA tests. Otherwise, you can read this article to find sources for 3000+ free & reliale questions

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All the best.

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