Any inputs for the new pattern?

Team -

I am planning to give PMP exam around end of this month. Did anyone take PMP exam with new changes? I do not see any post here for the same. Any practice test providers who have updated their questions?

Any such inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hello Inder,

As Mark posted, it may take sometime for people here to write new LL. Lot many people prefer to wait for sometime before giving exam on new pattern. I saw an email from Pmzest, they have upgraded their simulator, I guess Pmstudy as well. I guess, even Rita Book and FT will also come with changes in few days. You can take a look there and check.

You do not have to worry much this time for changes since there is nothing major which has changed. You can give exam with your current preparations assuming you have referred PMBOK v5.

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Thank you Rohit

Hey Inder and other people taking PMP exam,

I have read two lesson learnt today from people who have passed PMP exam after 12th January 2016. One is on linkedin group and the other on different PMP forum. Both the person has said that they did not find anything new with what they have read with books based on PMBOK v5. Also, they used the same mock tests which are available across.

In short nothing really has changed and you can use books, practice tests from providers available across. You do not need to buy any new books or just use updated mock tests or wait more.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit, PMP

Thanks again Rohit.

I took the free test from PM Exam Simulator and could secure 74%. iZenBridge - 72%, I am taking tests from Pmzest as well and securing around 63%. Pmzest questions are hard. I plan to take Pmstudy and Rita fast track as well. I have scheduled my exam on 29th January.

Thank you so much for these updates since it motivates and removes exam fear.

Thanks & Regards,

Hey Inder,

Thanks once again for keeping posted. Your scores are excellent. I also passed PMP exam some 10 months back and my success mantra was:
Books: PMBOK, Headfirst and EdWel
Mock Tests: Oliver, PMZest, PmZilla  and Christopher Scordo

If you get a change do try Oliver, PmZilla and Christopher Scordo as well. Oliver test is free and Christopher Scordo is available for free for PMI members on PMI website. PMZest questions are tough, I have used them too, but have very good quality, if you get time do talk to Anmol Sinha from PMZest, he is wonderful motivator and would give right guidance.

You have little time left, just be focused and keep your confidence high. Do post here your experience here, it's a good way to giveback your knowledge sharing.

My PMP exam journey is posted here too:

Good luck and I will wait for your journey details on 29th January.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit, PMP

I am panning to take test in Mar '16.

Need input if Rita's 8th edition and PMBOK 5 is sufficient enough?

New changes - do we need to refer any additional book or any changes?

Hey Tahirk,

Among books, yes, Rita 8th and PMBOK is sufficient. However I would recommend Headfirst too, since I have read it and found it most valuable.

For new changes to PMP exam you don’t have to read anything new, the new tasks which have been added are something which everyone already know. You can refer the outline from PMI handbook itself at:

Also, Edwel has upgraded their book to reflect the new changes and you can download the PDF copy for free. Search google with text “edwel pmp pdf”.

Among mock tests, nothing much has changed, however I recommend that you take tough tests like PMZest, PMZilla, Rita FT, Oliver etc. Also as a PMI member you can try Christopher Scordo. That’s all is needed.

Good Luck,
Rohit, PMP

Thanks Rohit for your reply! I will definately follow your advice... 

Was planning to complete Rita and The PMBOK along with some presentation slides. and then go through Headfirst

I hve passed the PMP exam , will write my detailed LL later. :)

Thanks & Regards,

Its a good news that you've passed your exams, I'm preparing to sit mine very soon and I'll looking forward to your details sooner. 


Hello Inderk,

The PMP exam pattern changed on 11th Jan'16. 

How will PMP be affected?

The five domains of practice for the PMP remain the same. However, tasks within each domain have been modified, added, or removed.

To view all the changes in detail, see the Exam Content Outline.. 

Note: You can visit the exam hub to find more details about the change

Hope this will helps you and all the best for your PMP.


Short answer - Changes are not significant. Study material remain same. You can read these 2 articles to get a detailed answer.
1. What are PMP Exam Changes for January 2016?
2. Frequently Asked Question on Change in PMP Exam


For questions, you can refer to following lo following links

1. 3000+ free PMP exam questions

2. Best PMP exam simulator


All the best.