Passed PMP Exam - Dec 16th, 2015

Hi All,

I passed PMP exam on Dec 16 th on first attempt 4MP,1BP. Here are few tips if you  have time

First and foremost, please don't research too much on internet about the difficulty level of PMP exam, it's not rocket science and so it's not impossible. Frequently we read online that PMP is very difficult exam, all answers look similar, very wordy lengthy questions and people fail once, twice and so on...Yes all four answers look similar however if once you study religeously, you would choose only one right answer.

As per PMI's Code of conduct and Ethics I am not supposed to discuss real PMP questions but all I can say is please study Procurement, Risk, Stakholder and Integration Management very well and very importantly EVM.

Create study plan and decide how soon you want to take this exam, you should not take more than 8-9 weeks (In 9 th week you should be taking the exam) if you are really determined. 

Here's what I followed:

1. I took 7 weeks for preparation, everyday about 5 hours, excludes weekends

2. Read PMBOK 5 + Rita. First I read Rita chapter and then the same chapter from PMBOK. Didn't understnd well. Followed the same way second time and then third time. No kidding, with this I read at least 3 times. Third time quick glance. 

3. Made my own notes onITTO, important definitions, formulas, various charts, Theorists etc

4. Took below sample tests: - 75 Q - got 61.5 % - solved 600Q out of 900- Avg 70% (i would highly recommend this) - 170 Q - 67% (higly recommended)

and Rita's every chapter has question so Rita has total 450 Q  - avg 65%

And few Free mobile apps - PMPro - by Nair, PMP Exam Prep Free by Ashita Jadhav - These two are best apps. PMPro app has ITTO, Flash cards, formulas, Dictionary, sample mock test etc.

Besides above 2 apps other few apps, Quiz PMP and PMI SP Mock 

5. With that I took about 1500-1600 sample questions. And these really helped, You would never see any question from mock tests on real PMP exam but these mock tests boost your confidence. Take as many as you could but remember DO NOT OVERDO.

With this much preparation nothing could stop you from passing the real PMP exam. This subject is dry so often you would get distracted but somehow you need to determined and bring your attention back to the topic. Determination plays big role and then efforts.

Good luck !



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Congratulations on your PMP