Passed my PMP Exam on 08/17

Cleared my PMP Exam on First Attempt on 08/17 - 2P & 3MP's

Initiating - MP

Planning - P

Executing - P

Monitoring & Controlling - MP

Closing - MP


Total Preparation time - 2 Months - 180-210 Hours

First 30 days - Skill Soft - Course - 2.5 Hours daily

At the end of first month, took Skill soft PMP Exam - score 57% Bang Face Palm

Next 15 days - Went through PMBOK in detail - 3 Hours daily

Next 7 days - RITA Book - 3 hours daily

Took PMStudy Free Exam - 76% - Yes I'm still in game

Last 1 week did 8 Scordo exams(first 4 and last 4) average 82% and revison of formulaes

D -Day

Reached 1 hour before started exam 30 Mins Before

First 100 was very easy next 100 was little bit difficult...

Didnt marked any question for review and didnt review too... Completed the exam 185 Mins....Submit.

I achieved it....

Key to sucess: Start with tough exams like Skill Soft, PM Zest.... So that you wont become complacent.





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Hi Arun,

    Congrats on achieving the PMP Certification and thanks for sharing LL.



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Thanks for sharing your LL and congratulations

Congratulations, good to see you are cleared in frist attempt.


Did you memorize ITTO's?

Nope I didnt memorize all ITTO's.

I just tried to remember outputs of all process like 

Output of Define Activity is - Activity List, Activity Attributes and Milestone List.


I tried to remember ITTO only for Devop Project Charter, Identiry Stakeholders, Close Procurement 

and Close Project - as this 4 processes cover Inititaing & Closing


Thanks for the reply, it helps a lot.

I am struggling to remember them, it seems to almost impossible.....just curious how many of them are direct questions related to ITTO's.

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Hi Thiru,

you should not try to memorize any ITTO's.

It isn't worth the effort. I did my Exam yesterday and there was not once question which would has directly ask for an ITTO.

Furthermore you have to understand the processes and how they are interrelated and how they interact with each other. If you could master that, than you will have no problems to say which ITTO relates to which process.

Please refer to this article here in addition:

  The Complete Guide to PMP ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs)

Best of luck!

Markus Klein; PMP



Thanks for update, Good to see you took the exam yesterday.

COngratulations on that.

Very good information in the link.


Hi Arun,


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