Passed PMP on 19-Aug-2015 (2P-3MP)

Hi Everyone,

I earned PMP certification today with 2P & 3MP today. Like every other, I want to share my LL so that some one can benefit like I did in past 3 month. Thank You members on PMZilla for their valuable contribution to this forum and motivating us all throughout the time.

Course Materials Used:

1.) PM Prepcast (from Cornelius Fichtner). One of the best thing I did in my study course.

2.) Rita 8th Edition (Must buy)

3.) PMBOK (I used a PDF version)

4.) PM Exam Simulator (PAID simulator from Cornelius Fichtner). Believe me you do not need any other simulators after this. It is the best. 

I scored between 78% and 80% in all the exams

5.) PM 105 Mathematical question ( from Cornelius Fichtner) (Moderately Good)

What should you prepare very well for exam?

1.) Execution PG (HR, Conduct procurement and SH engagement are very important)

2.) Monitoring & Controlling PG (Please go through WPD, WPI, WPR, CR process, Deliverables process)

3.) Closing PG (proc closure process, closure docs, OPA-u)


1.) PM Exam simulator is an excellent simulator, I only practiced this and did not even try free version. This was enough for my preparation towards exam.

2.) During the last days, please revise only from PMBOK 5. Revise means, you need to go through PMBOK cover to cover to understand your gaps after giving some mock tests.

3.) Do not appear for mock test a day before your exam just to avoid mind from clogging.

4.) Please practice Cornelius Fichtner  105 maths problem for better grip on Maths problem and application of formulae.

5.) Last tip: Just be confident, do not memorize any thing, just understand the process charts interconnectivity and their usage/importance/application in project management. Believe me, I did not do any braindump of formulae or process group. 


All the best!


Great lessons learned! were there any questions on present value/future value? Also, You scored P in which phases? I am just trying to understand how does these PMP grades work, if we have MP in three big areas like planning, execution and monitoring/controlling would it be still considered pass.

1.) No, I did not receive any questions on PV/FV

2.) I earned 2Ps in Planning and M&C, rest are MP

I think we must concentrate more on understanding PMP rather then how grading system works, atleast, this is what I did. The reason is, that no body has the right answer to this grading system so why are we worrying. We must understand the whole book but if You ask me what to concentrate while understanding more, I would answer (1) Initiation (2) Execution (3) M&C (4) Closing. Planning looks long but it is the most easies


1) Initiation looks small: but believe me, it has the most trickiest situational based questions

2) Planning: as I said, it is the most easiest. This process only prepares for the rest of the process

3) Execution: This is where most of the questions are asked. Less chapters and more questions. You must understand each and every T&T here along with their outputs and definition of each and every thing. It is most important PG even for practical implementation

4.) M&C: This chapter is also easy (At least for me), I only understood what are the definitions of each process and their outputs and they affect CR and other documents updates.

5.) Closing: Concentrate more on closing procurments, project or phase closure documents, claims and payment.


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Hi Friend,

   Congrats on achieving the PMP certification and thanks for sharing LL.



Thank You Kanchi,

Now I need guidence in earning PDUs

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Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for posting here.