Number of Passing Proficiencies P, MP and BP


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Can anybody tell/suggest, what would be minimum passing requirements of PMP in terms of “P- Proficient”, “MP – Moderately Proficient” and “BP- Below Proficient” ?

I failed to pass the test and now trying analize what I need to concntrate first to improve my scores:

Initiation – MP

Planning – BP

Executing – BP

M&C – MP

Closing - BP

PMI does not publish ranges for the various levels (P, MP, BP). It may not be a static range but even could be a range based on the type and level (toughness) of the questions you and other test takers in your center receive that day. This is not unknown and cannot be found.

What is known is - you can definitely read, take more sample tests and improve. 

If you need to analyze, you can do so using sample tests. Closing gaps can be easily done by evaluating sample tests. I would suggest you to focus on that and take more mini-tests in specific knowledge areas and identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Good luck!

Someone posted on other forum saying BP,P,P,BP,MP. We need to focus on getting "P" on two processes. It's really matters, how many P's we are scoring.


There no minimum set that guarantees the pass. Please remember that not all the areas have equal number of questions. If you get P's in Initiating and Closing, BP's in Executing and MC, MP in Planning - that may not guarantee a pass as Initiating and Closing have very less questions. 
Also, PMI pass is based on overall percentage. So it depends on the range of these grades (low MP vs high MP). Also, we do not have ranges published. 
Focus on cracking all areas than getting 2Ps. You will definitely have higher chances of success.

Thank you guys for responses,

Shasub21, in your comment, when you mention that: "cracking all areas than getting 2Ps" - what did you meen by that ?



I meant basically to focus on all areas to achieve a P rather than targeting only 2P's.




I have written a 2 part article that discusses this subject in detail.

First part talks about history of PMP exam score and what PMI expects from test takers - Facts about PMP passing score.

Second part provides a method to determine if a candidate is ready for the exam or not - Best Way to Determine PMP Exam Passing Score

One can pass even if you have 1 or 2 BP. One can fail even if you have all MP.

All the best.