As a part of my preparation,I am doing scordo questions nowdays but finding some answers kind of incorrect(Checked randomly and found my observation to be correct).Some exampls below.

I had heard its a good practice test and can be trusted,Anyone any suggetion.

1-Communication technology and communication requirements are

A input to communication planning
B outputs from communication planning
C inputs for information distribution
D none of the above
2-Stake holder analysis is a tool used in
A communication planning
B organizational planning
C both a and b
D none of the above


Please suggest.

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If we look at the questions from PMBOK 5th edition perspective.. the answers for BOTH the questions would be D...


For question 2, we most likely use stakeholer analysis in Oragnizational planning which is nothing but org stragetic planning...

Thank you..Gomsy and you are correct..even i choose the same answers..

In answer sheet they have given A as a right options which made crazy that this cant be true..and i refered PMBOK-5 again just to be absolutely sure(Although was sure but dint want to behave over confident).

May be this is because of the edition change..Now i have left Scordo as dont want my confidednce to go down and concentrating on PMstudy currently..will go for some other trusted sources after pmstudy.

Thank you so much for your thoughts..



i can't find this questions, are you using version 2012 or 2013? In which test name are this questions?

thank you

I think i was..

Now..i have started going through the Scordo questions..which are there on PMI.


Hi Nisha,

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Will surely..look into it..

and All the very best for the exam:-)

Hi Nisha,

I passed my exam! See my full story here:


Good luck to you!

First of alll...Congrtualations:-)

Thank you so much for keeping me in loop:-) Njoy putting PMP after your name:-)



Those questions are really valid. That is well-formulated and it seems to be very good. - Phillip Elden