Failed 1st time 3MP 2BP passed 2nd time 3MP 2BP yesterday!

Hello fellow members, 

The big journey is over yesterday around noon. I am member of PMI from last 3 years. Tried first unsuccessful attempt last year in August. Result got 3MP (planning, m&c, and closing) 2 BP (initiation and execution). Study material: local chapter training 6 weekends with Joe Phillips book and test material, PMBoK.

2nd attempt 28th March 2015, passed!!!!!!!! Result 3MPs (initiation, planning, and m&c), 2BPs yes I am not kidding.

Study material: Rita book 3 times page to page, PMBoK 3 times page to page.

Free tests: Joe Phillips 89%, Oliver Lehmann 175Q 64%, Oliver Lehmann 75Q 78% , PMStudy  67%, Headfirst 75%, PMforsure 50%.

30- 35% questions from change management in test, very few math questions.

Read PMzilla blogs and peoples experience. Got scared since many post with peoples doing so much hardwork taking so many different tests and scoring nice still with unsuccessful attempts to pass. To week off from work to concentrate on study, day before exam was deciding not to appear due to lost confidence. Take complete evening off from study. Got 10'hour sleep, which really help me to concentrate. 

Celebrated my success with family, wife gifted me iPhone 6+ :) 

in short don,t scare about exams. Try your best and success will follow you.


- Anil

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Enjoy your iphone 6+ and congratulations on your PMP.

you comment made me thinkn positive..

Lets not get confident:-)


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Congrats ....!! On d success for PMP.



Md Javeed

Hi Anil,

Congrats on your exam.

I took the exam today and failed. My results were 3MP(Initiating, Planning and Monitoring & Control) and 2 BP( Executing and closing) which is similar to the results you have received. I am not sure why results shows failed. Please advise how to take up this issue with PMI. Would you be willing to share your score report so that I could ask PMI for my results to get change to pass?

Let me know if you could help.

Thanks for your consideration.





Sorry to hear for you. You have seen the real PMP exam questions now and hence I would suggest prepare well for a month and attempt again immediately. Would you share which all books you read, mock test and its result, anything else you had used in your preparations? Recently I have passed the PMP exam and if you permit, I can suggest you based on my experience.

Here is my post on my experience:

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Hi Srikant,

I am one like you and even I failed in my first attempt in early March. I understand how you may be feeling now since I have faced this situation and it took over a week to come out of trauma of failure. I failed with 4BP and 1MP and then applied for PMI cert appeal, but they kept my result same. I realize now that I took my attempt in hurry and did not study books and neither practiced mocks tests much. Today I feel more confident after studying PMBOK, Rita and Headfirst and also practicing mock tests from various sources. I have my exam next week and I hope I pass this time.


Hi Srikant

You cannot compare two results even if they are exactly same because the range for P, MP, BP varies.

There is a possibility that though Anil scored BP but his score is very near to MP( 1 or 2 questions away from MP) and also his total score qualifies the qualifying criteria of PMP.

Your score is very close you must try a second attempt

All the best!!!



Hi Anil,

Congratulations on your PMP and Thanks for sharing your experience.

-Poonam Patel

Congratulations for the success!
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