Risk Questions Need Help

Being the project manager in a high-risk electronics project with a lot of new technologies, you developed a risk management plan and identified risks which you documented in a risk register. Then, the risks were analyzed and response was planned. During risk control meetings, it gets obvious that the documents you created are not very helpful. What have you probably done wrong? 

o You failed to use an RBS.

o You did the first processes alone.

o You did not identify Triggers.

o You did not calculate EMVs.


Why answer is 2

Can anyone help please.

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Question is not properly framed. Check the sequence of Risk management in PMBoK , probably some step was missed.

This Question is from  170 PDF Oliver Lehmann Sample questions.

here the question is specifying that the docs "you" created are not helpful - so probably I might have not consulted the team and did them alone.

The correct answer is 2 because PM alone identified all the risks.
Actually during risk identification process, all the stakeholders are involved to identify as many risks as possible. That's why you have stakeholder register as one of your inputs. PM uses various information gathering technique and expert judgments from all the stakeholders for this process.

Refer to 1st paragraph on page 321 in PMBOK to get an idea about audiences involved in risk identification process.