First Attempt: 27th Jan 2015: Failed & Second Attempt: 16th Feb 2015 PASSED!!!

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First Attempt: 27th Jan 2015: Failed & Second Attempt: 16th Feb 2015 PASSED!!!

First Attempt Experience: I regularly follow Pmzilla since 2 yrs.

I started My Preparation from October 2014 Last Week for 2 hours per day.

Was unable to give proper time due to hectic work at office.

From Mid Dec-14, started serious studying & give Chapter test from PM study.

Planned Exam on 27th Jan 2015. Was on leave from 15th Jan 2015, started studying more focused.

Was reading from early morning & whole day. In Night till 11 Pm.

Read RITA- 2 times & Mumbai Chapter Book (Similar to PMBOK)- 2 times.

Done Chapter Test PM study: 70-80 %

Rita Chapter Test- Avg-65-70 % at end of each chapter 2 time reading done.

Rita Mock First-61 %

Rita Mock Second -59.5%

Scordo Chapter test- Avg 65-70 %

Oliver 175Q- 61%

Simpli Learn – 61%

PMStudy – 71 %

Exam Day: was panic & was failed at the end, I covered everything in 15-20 days of my study plan.

Guys !! you all need to be cool & calm before exam 1-2 days don’t study anything just relax relax relax !!!


I was disappointed & Challenged myself for 2 weeks Plan for Second attempt.

Firstly done Page 63 & Formula Practice dump sheet ( Actually I was aware of what the PM process are & Knowledge areas, I was failed due to my stress only.

 RITA + PMBOK  + Mumbai Chapter chapter by chapter for  6 days.

Next week Just read PMBOK word by word Slowly in 6 days.

PMExam Stimular 170 Q- 65%

Next 3 days just took book for name sake only.

WORLD CUP started & was just watching TV with Skim PMBOK + ITTO + DUMP SHEET.

Was trying to be cool & Calm from 2-3 days that paid me a good result.

I can say 100 % that I didn’t prepared a lot like first attempt, Just was keeping my cool was the SECRET.

On Exam Day Just Went & I was the first to start, was getting PMBOK in front of me.

END was awesome feeling CONGRATULATIONS PASS !!

Questions: Quality Tools & Technique ( Fishbone,Perto,Control Charts,Histogram,Audits )- Around 10.

Project Charter- 2-4 questions

Tuckmen Ladder 2-4 Q

Plenty of Change Request & Risk Questions.

Procrument 10-12 Q (bidder Conference, Close Pro, Record Management).

Communucation 4-6 questions on Channels.

If Project Maanger has 12 stakeholders/TM, during execution 5 memebers are removed & one stakeholder requires 1 member.

During M& C how many communication Channels (this was in my both attempt). Difficult one

·         28

·         30

·         34

·         44

Many Questions were from first attempt.

You practice my first attempt Mock test than its enough to PASS the exam in first attempt.


Just 1.5 month if you give your proper focus, determination & time (PMP can be done in Just 2 months max preparation I can say what I felt & did).

Before you need to put lot of efforts to read PMBOK & RITA

Rita is for better understanding- Read 2 times

PMBOK word by word – 2 times

Than for PM study Chapter test & follow all mock tests for 1 week .

Revised the PMBOK -1 times (Keep 6 days for revision)

Relax 2 days



Congrats. your hardwork paid off. Thanks for sharing LL and question pattern.

so how many communication channels ?

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for the communciation qts i feel:

12-5+1=8=(8*7)/2=28 answer 28?